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Merrick Chaffer's Blog
merrick.chaffer  My blog is moving!!!  111  16  17 
mister mann
every day is just a game of give and take... [ follow me on twitter: @mark_mann ]
AND HAS MOVED, IN WHOLE, TO http://blog.mark-mann.co.uk
Mark.Mann  Silverlight UK User Group [October 2011] Agenda  66  12  44 
Jonathan Bradshaw's Blog
A view from the Big Apple (Conchango offices in New York City)
Jonathan.Bradshaw  Adopting a Windows Home Server for the holidays  27  15 
David Francis Blog
David.Francis  PerformancePoint Server 2007 SP1 - Possible release date  25  16  11 
Paulo Reichert's Blog
paulo.reichert  Visual Studio Update for Windows Vista  22  23  19 
Jack Hanison's Blog
in·te·gra·tion (ĭn'tĭ-grā'shən)
"the combining and coordinating of separate parts or elements into a unified whole"
jack.hanison  The relationship between Service Autonomy and Loose Coupling in SOA  12 
Jon Boxall's Blog
Unread male.
jon.boxall  How to respond to an RFI  10 
Steve Wright's Blog (2005 - 2012)
I have now left EMC Consulting, if you wish to continue to receive new content then please subscribe to my new blog here: http://zogamorph.blogspot.com
steve.wright  A Business Intelligence project ALM's  54  82  18 
Neil Chapman's Blog
All things Mobile...
  HTC Hermes customisation tool can turn on HSDPA  15  13 
Simon Evans' Blog
My blog covers the technology areas I focus on here at EMC Consulting, namely Architecture using the .NET Framework, ASP.NET, WCF, WCF Data Services and Windows Azure Follow me on twitter @simonevans
simon.evans  Implementing the Repository-Mapper-Command pattern using Entity Framework 4  41  166  37 
Mark Wilson's Blog
Focusing mainly on Microsoft infrastructure products and related technologies, all new posts can be found at http://www.markwilson.co.uk/blog/.
  Bad timing...  170  25  209 
Steve Garnett's Blog
steve.garnett  New Blog Address  12 
Rory Street's EMC Consulting Blog (2004 - 2011)
This blog has now moved to http://rory.streetfamily.info - please update your subscriptions if you wish to receive new content.
rory.street  Configuration by Convention with XAML  92  100 
SSIS Junkie
jamie.thomson  The curtain falls  676  3198  915 
Christian Wade's Blog
christian.wade  New Blog Location  38  56  17 
Matt Hall's Blog
Experiences with Microsoft technologies
Matthew.Hall  EMC Consulting Hosting Connected Systems User Group  90  46  29 
Tamer Shaaban's Blog
Tamer.Shaaban  Microsoft Architect Insight Conference 22nd 23rd March 2006 
Stuart Preston's Blog
Stuart was CTO for Application Consulting EMEA at EMC Consulting until October 2009, now blogging at http://stuartpreston.net
Stuart.Preston  Moving on...  80  97  91 
Manik Surtani's blog @ Conchango.com
A blog on technology and intellectual property rights
  Swarming downloads and streams 
Howard van Rooijen's EMC Consulting Blog (2004 - 2010)
This blog has now moved to http://howard.vanrooijen.co.uk/blog - please update your subscriptions if you wish to receive new content.
howard.vanrooijen  Keep Calm and Carry On  122  245  279 
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Dorf's Doodles
Mike Altendorf is joint managing director of Conchango.
Mike.Altendorf  Cricket and technology...surely not!? 
Bob Barnes' Blog
bob.barnes  A Christmas thought for SharePoint Users and other "Authors"  15 
Susie Kablean's Blog
Susie.Kablean  The Value of Sprint Retrospectives 
Lorraine Branch's Blog
Lorraine.Branch  Scrooge spirit continues on the high street 
Sian James's Blog
Sian.James  If it’s different, will users use it? 
Ciarán Hanway's Blog
ciaran.hanway  What Not to Do - Project Management Mistakes to Avoid 
Phillip Thompson lives here
Phillip.Thompson  How to Reach Disaster 
Rizwan Tayabali - Digital Strategy and Agile Blog

NOTE: My blog has now moved to HTTP://WWW.SOCIALEFFECT.ORG with all new content aggregated at HTTP://RIZWANTAYABALI.INFO - I'm writing about social business, change and human transformation, customer centricity and organisational design.

Rizwan.Tayabali  Multi-Channel Trendspotting for 2008  22  49 
Colm Brophy's Blog
Colm.Brophy  6 Tips for Building a Great Surface App 
Andrew Shillaber's Blog
andrew.shillaber  “…And can I have your customer reference number please?” 
Simon Knightley's Blog
simon.knightley  Google Launches OpenSocial 
Zia Zareem-Slade's Blog
zia.zareem-slade  How do you spend yours?   16  12  10 
Retail Reality
dan.wilkinson  Is technology wagging the business?  12 
Kai En Ong Blog
Stephen Fulljames' Blog
stephen.fulljames  My Train Hell, retweeted 
The enthusiastic skeptic
Conchango are busy and need talented consultants in and around London. Interested? Email me or send me a message
  Corporate Performance Management 
rob.brown  Another opportunity to engage and up sell? 
Jay Collis blog
Sheel Patel blog
Tracy Goddings' Blog
Tracy.Godding  The purpose of computing is insight, not numbers 
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Customer Experience

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Experience Planning Blog
  Youth setting the scene  17 
Very random thoughts on a variety of interactive media topics. Broadly looking at experience design, brand, digital consumer strategies, innovation and a fair dollop of user-facing technology. I'm Experience Director at EMC Consulting and you can also find me masquerading as @poleydee on Twitter.
Paul.Dawson  So long and thanks for all the fish  74  77  38 
Max Choong's Blog
Max.Choong  A state of mind 
Mandy Chan's Blog
Bagwell's blog
matthew.bagwell  It’s back and going for gold – TFT Returns  48  17  57 
IPTV advertising
Jessica Verners' Blog
Filthy RIA
christian.giordano  Adobe Pixel Bender - First test  17 
Jane Cook's Blog


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Flynny's Blog
The life of EMC Consulting (formerly Conchango) Internal Recruitment Manager
Michelle.Flynn  Friday recruitment news  196  39  63 
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