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Today I am looking at  Oxite. Not this Oxite, but this Oxite. It’s a sample application on the ASP.NET MVC platform. It’s a blog engine, so it’s doubly interesting to me. New MVC blogging engines crop up on CodePlex every month or so (and I have contributed code to BlogSvc). Generally they pass without much (or any) notice.


Oxite, however, arrived with an impressive degree of completeness, and generated a lot of publicity. Not all of it was accurate – some seemed to think it was a major new part of Microsoft’s internet strategy rather than a sample app by a couple of guys at Microsoft. As it stands, it's not a competitor to WordPress. I like WordPress, I have deployed and configured it and several times. While I'd like something like that which I can also hack in C#, Oxite is not there. Yet.


Code reviews followed. See Rob Connery's blog, here and here for details. Oxite is clearly not ready for general use as finished software, it’s not even ready as a best-of breed code sample, but developers may be interested. Oxite has a few code issues (see Rob Connery’s links above), but it's also got advantages:


Advantage 1: The guys who wrote it have put a lot of time and work into it - they can afford to, it's part of their day job.


Advantage 2: Oxite got instant publicity and community, including a code review from Rob Connery, and lots of other people poking at it- orders of magnitude more downloads and comments than the other MVC blog engines on codeplex got, combined.


I'm watching Oxite with interest - I want to know if they will take the advice on board, and will it become more than just a "sample app".


Next time I will show putting OpenId support into Oxite, with help from DotNetOpenId and sample code from Rob Connery via a few of my colleagues.




Published Sunday, December 21, 2008 9:14 PM by Anthony.Steele
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