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DAX Common Calcs Reference List

Having recently evaluated the BISM Tabular (CTP3), I checked I can perform some common calcs and created this reference list.  Rather than store it in the cloud somewhere, I thought I’d share it (and then find it easier when I want to use it later).


Many-to-Many Dimensions




No Allocation

Update 10/18/11 - use SUMMARIZE instead of COUNTROWS:


=CALCULATE( SUM('SalesFact'[Sales]),

                     FILTER( 'InnerDim',

                                   CALCULATE( COUNTROWS('M2MFact') > 0 )




=CALCULATE( SUM('SalesFact'[Sales]),

                        SUMMARIZE( 'M2MFact', 'InnerDim'[InnerDimKey] )




With Allocation

=SUMX(  'InnerDim',

                 CALCULATE( SUM( 'SalesFact'[Sales]) *





Moving Averages (day level)


=CALCULATE( [My Measure],   --already existing summable measure 

                     DATESINPERIOD( 'Date'[SQLDate],

                                                  LASTDATE( 'Date'[SQLDate]),





                   ) / 90


Role Playing Dimensions


For multiple instances of the same dimension using different relationships, easy workaround is to just create multiple instances of the same table in the model (OK – it’s not perfect, but it works).


And we can create different measures that relate to the single instance of the dimension, but use "inactive" relationships using the USERELATIONSHIP function:


=CALCULATE([Sales], USERELATIONSHIP(DimDate[DateKey], FactSales[ShipDate])


Period To Date


=CALCULATE( [My Measure],   --already existing summable measure 





Parent Child Hierarchies


See http://www.powerpivotblog.nl/powerpivot-denali-parent-child-using-dax



Published Tuesday, September 06, 2011 8:46 PM by christian.wade

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online gokken said:

nice list! =)

September 14, 2011 11:08 AM

Lubos Pribula said:


the many to many DAX formula with the allocation inside saved my day.

I use it in Excel worksheet powered by PowerPivot and I can't still believe how powerful it is.

Thank you so much.

June 24, 2014 8:26 PM

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