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How to image bare metal machines from SCCM when not in a collection

For the past couple of days I've been dedicating quite a large amount of my time to trying to finish sccm being able to deploy zero/lite touch installations of Windows operating systems to baremetal machines via PXE boot and boot media.

With my main aim being to deploy to bare metal machines I found out I needed to add media hook files for the unknown computers into my boot images.This is where a so called simple task became a two day research job. The first site that helped me was a technet article I found http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb978399.aspx I used the boot media one due to bare metal machines obviously not being part of the SCCM's collections and therefore not working. The adding of the hook file to the boot image was fairly simple once I got all the images,task sequences,user state migration and configmgr tools loaded into the correct areas. The more challenging part came with my trying to get the web service setup partly due to once guide I found saying add a virtual directory in IIS as add an application. But the best bit of information for someone trying to do these steps and is a bit inept at IIS web sites setups is a video created by Michael Niehaus in one of his blogs about the exact subject which took me so long to work out. I did it all step by step naming it exactly the same as him to the same directory but once I tried to test my web site it would give me an error stating it couldn't find the file/directory of my UnknownComputer.asmx file. After much stressing I ran my problem by one of my colleagues Simon Phillips and he stated an obvious yet unmentioned step in all of this of allowing asp.net v2.0.50727 via the web service extensions and thereby allowing the unknowncomputer page link of my web site to appear and show me the desired links.

Hopefully I can get the rest working soon as seems my pxe service role isn't working correctly,hopefully will work this out and will blog it so that someone else doesn't waste their time on a small look over like it seems I have done



Gregg Robertson




Published Tuesday, February 24, 2009 9:18 AM by Gregg Robertson


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