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Here be my first entry into the world of blogging courtesy of my lovely paymasters Conchango!

So...I've got a blog. Now the inevitable question...what on earth to put in it?

Working as I do in Conchango's BI team I guess it'll be flavoured towards BI technologies...Microsoft BI technologies principally seeing as that's what I spend my days using. SQL Server 2005 is coming up next year so expect plenty of stuff on Analysis Services, Integration Services, Reporting Services and the like! I'm fairly involved with some ISVs as well so expect some announcements there (the link's there cos people seem to throw these acronymns around all the time assuming people know what they're talking about)!

And if that bores you then look out for other posts up here on other stuff I'm into...lets just see how it evolves! Cos at the moment I haven't the foggiest whats going to go into here!

And in case you're botherd about that I look like....there's some pics in the image galleries.

Lastly...that feedback link at the bottom there aint just for show! Click it and let me know what you think...either of my blog or me....I can take the abuse (just tone it down a bit eh)!





Published Wednesday, November 03, 2004 1:38 PM by jamie.thomson



jamie.thomson said:

Hi Jamie, great to see you are now in the blog world! Is there any chance you can watch soccer am on a smart phone?
November 6, 2004 7:53 PM

jamie.thomson said:

One day mate, one day. Although I'm not quite as dedicated to it as I used to be! Thankfully!!!!
November 7, 2004 1:38 AM

SSIS Junkie said:

October was my least productive blogging month since I began blogging almost 3 years ago to the day .

November 6, 2007 4:59 PM

SSIS Junkie said:

In October 2004 I was in Orlando airport returning home from the annual SQL PASS summit and I happened

August 29, 2009 11:28 PM
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