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What is Business Intelligence?

As a Business Intelligence (BI) practitioner for some years now I have heard many definitions of the phrase "Business Intelligence". A quick skim of Google brought up the following:

  • Systems that provide directed background data and reporting tools to support and improve the decision-making process
  • Business Intelligence provides business roadmaps to deliver solutions for business analysis which includes data models, meta-data and analytical applications
  • A term which represents those systems that help companies understand what makes the wheels of the corporation turn and to help predict the future impact of current decisions.

None of these though were as clear, succinct or made me laugh quite as much as the definition that I have just come across on Roger Doherty's blog though: "...its just a bunch of databases, queries and front ends..."

Nice one Roger - that made me laugh alot that did!!!   Never before have I enjoyed my chosen profession being belittled quite so coarsely as this! :)



Published Thursday, March 31, 2005 10:23 PM by jamie.thomson
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