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SSIS: Would you like to be able to execute a task from the command-line?

When building packages in the SSIS Designer within BIDS you are able to execute a task or a container in isolation. This is really useful for development purposes.

Unfortunately executing tasks/containers from the SSIS Designer suffers from the same problems as executing packages in the SSIS Designer - it is slow (if you want some stats around this then read this article from Allan Mitchell and Darren Green). I would like the ability to execute tasks/containers from the command-line and hence I submitted this suggestion on Connect. I got a reply from Deniz Erkan, one of the Program Managers on the SSIS team saying:

Thanks for the suggestion, I can definitely see how this would be helpful. However, when we consider this in the context of other features we are planning to have in Katmai, it ranks lower in priority. We'll close this for now, and will look into this in Katmai+.

That's fair enough, however I'd still like to push for getting this feature included at some point. Hence, if you think you would like this functionality added to SSIS then click-through on the link above and vote. Add a comment too.





Published Tuesday, May 01, 2007 7:41 PM by jamie.thomson


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