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Astoria and Web3S converge

Three weeks ago I wrote this blog entry that raised a question mark over why Microsoft were coming out with two seemingly contradictory RESTful APIs (Astoria and Live Data) for exposing data. I linked to this forum posting where Federico Raggi from Microsoft stated that rather than being contradictory they were actually complementary. I questioned if that was actually the case and asked for clarification on this point.

Well since then a few things have come to light. Firstly that I was wrong to refer to Live Data as a RESTful API. Yaron Goland corrected me by stating that Web3S is the technology (which has come out of the Live Data team) that I should probably be comparing to Astoria. Actually it turned out that that would be wrong as well because I was wrong to mention the two in the same breath. Astoria is a toolkit for exposing data, Web3S is a data access protocol that can be used for exposing data.

Confused? I was a little so I was thankful to the god of Astoria (namely Pablo Castro) for posting a blog entry entitled "Astoria Design: payload formats". In this entry Pablo explains how an Astoria data service will expose data in a number of different formats, one of which will be Web3S. The Astoria and Live Data teams (i.e. those headed by Pablo and Yaron respectively) were clear from the start that their technologies were complementary and they were dead right. Clearly Web3S is a basket into which Microsoft will be placing lots of their eggs and it will be interesting to see whether this will prove beneficial or whether Yaron's decsion to not leverage the more industry-standard protocol APP will harm them.

Either way, its good to see that two completely separate teams within Microsoft are in sync with each other and are building complementary products. I wonder if the European Commission will decide that that is against the law as well?


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UPDATE, 2008-03-01: You should probably read this blog entry in the context of the updated information provided here: Windows Live Dev announcements

Published Thursday, September 20, 2007 11:40 PM by jamie.thomson
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