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SSIS Junkie

Sync is the word

I recently tweeted the following rather silly little ditty…

Sync is the word
Its in Groove, its in GMail
Sync works any time, any place, in motion
Sync is the way we'll be storing

Ahem, yes. Well… silly but with a relevant point. Sync is becoming an integral aspect of how we build and consume apps and I expect that trend to increase in the years to come. Let’s look at the evidence. Big tech companies are tripping up over themselves with their efforts to build synchronisation capabilities into their products:

I often hear that we are living in an increasingly connected world but in some ways the opposite is true, we are actually living in an increasingly disconnected world due to the increasing number of devices in our pocket that are online either some or none of the time. Until online connectivity is ubiquitous sync is an essential part of any smartphone platform.

Indeed, almost five years ago Russell Beattie said:

“Syncing is *THE* most important piece of technology in the future of mobility. Voice is and will be the number one service, but after that it's syncing. Syncing! SYNCING!”
from Syncing. Syncing! Syncing! Syncing! SYNCING!!!

I quite agree! More about sync to follow…


Published Wednesday, July 22, 2009 5:56 PM by jamie.thomson
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