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SSIS Junkie

The curtain falls

In October 2004 I was in Orlando airport returning home from the annual SQL PASS summit and I happened to pick up a copy of MIT’s Technology Review magazine in which the cover story was an interview with Tim Berners-Lee called “Internet 2.0”.

MIT Technology Review October 2004 cover

One subject covered in the interview was the emerging phenomenon of blogging and it was then that I decided I wanted to get my own blog to talk about the stuff I was interested which, at the time, was the early beta of SQL Server Yukon (later renamed to SQL Server 2005).

Soon after returning to the UK it was announced internally that Conchango were soon to support their own blog site at http://blogs.conchango.com and would anyone be interested in contributing. Inspired by the Berners-Lee article I threw my hat in and on 3rd November 2004 I wrote my first blog entry Intro where I said:

So...I've got a blog. Now the inevitable question...what on earth to put in it?

Well I guess I found something to write about because since that original post I’ve written another 674 of the things!:

Conchango blogger statistics

Why am I telling you this? Well, this blog post is going to be both the 676th and the last at http://blogs.conchango.com/jamiethomson for in a few weeks I shall be leaving Conchango EMC Consulting after five and a half very very happy years. Its been a painstaking decision to do this for I’ll be leaving behind a bunch of brilliantly talented colleagues and fun people whom it has been a genuine pleasure to be around but I feel the time is right to branch out on my own.

Thanks for reading here for at least some of the past five years, see you on the other side!


Given my interest in all things BI I thought I’d provide some stats to summarise my activity here over the past 5 years (also because I’m not going to have access to some of this data for much later):

  • # of posts: 676
  • # of comments: 4109
  • # of hits: 6.99million

Distribution of blog posts per month (unsurprisingly my output declined once I’d run out of stuff to talk about in regard to SSIS 2005)

blog posts per month on http://blogs.conchango.com/jamiethomson


Number of people subscribed to my blog on Google Reader since March 2008

google reader subscribers to http://blogs.conchango.com/jamiethomson

Top posts in terms of hits

Published Saturday, August 29, 2009 11:27 PM by jamie.thomson



James.Rowland-Jones said:

Best of luck JT!

August 30, 2009 1:03 PM
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