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The Internet is changing… on June 16th at 9:00 a.m (CEDT)

This is the bold claim by the web browser company - Opera. Watch this space on Tuesday. What this actual means is unknown and any conjecture is circumspect but there is an article on The Register here which explains what this could be…



So on Tuesday at 9 AM (8 AM BST) the web will be reinvented here – it is great that outlandish claims are still being made and that hopefully this will show innovation is still rife. With the logo it is clear that this will be cloud related (what isn’t?) but details are very much unknown. Thinking a loud based on current trends it could be:

  • Collaboration and integration – a Google Wave-esque experience or Twitter / Facebook-type features
  • Single Experience – improvements to users having a single online experience and saving there information and data. A new Live Mesh?
  • Search – a(nother) new approach to search
  • Any ideas?

Hopefully this will be something interesting and not just a market gimmick for a new gadget which might be cool but offers little benefit. If you have any thoughts on what this might be then feel free to comment below!

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