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Outsourcing the information worker

You may have heard the latest developing trend around outsourcing the information worker such as the law firm Pinsent who outsource litigation work to South Africa, however I was very impressed by this article which Matt Harris passed on to me – essentially the Telegraph have had a fantastic couple of months with the expenses scandal and held all the cards on this huge story… that is until the information entered the public domain, this is where the  Guardian came up with the ingenious plan – get the public to sift through the information and spot new insights.

The user goes to the site and can then trawl through the claims, through a simple interface certain storeys can be flagged and then the Guardians journalists can investigate the most interesting / highlighted cases – almost feels like you are playing a game / being nosey:



At the time of writing – of 458,832 pages of documents 200,139 have been reviewed by 23,089 people. So only 258,693 to go...


There is another site, Galaxy Zoo, which I know of which harnesses the power of the public as a free resource and that is in identifying galaxies


image Next question – how can you make this work for commercial gain – Guardian have started already in identifying areas of interest in order to get their employees to do the high value investigation / analytics rather than trawling. Keen to know your thoughts?



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Edward Hagemeier said:

I know of an American based mining house that ran into some financial difficulties and could not fund their next mining complex; so they made all the geological and resource data available on the internet (normally this data is of the highest confidentiality within a mining group) and challenged the ‘outsourced’ internet professionals to facilitate the mine design. They got the entire mine design completed through these professionals; from geological mappings, mining methods, sequences, life-of-mine plans, etc…

August 11, 2009 12:37 PM

d?ch v? seo said:

Thanks for the kind words

September 28, 2011 8:30 PM

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