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The Lock Inn / The Fantastic Tavern Awards

The Fantastic Tavern's first Lock Inn is a little like a normal TFT but will have some key differences; it's an extended programme, running over the course of the day and we'll spend much of it sober.  Don't get too downhearted, it's still going to be fun packed, interactive (am I the only one struggling with the overuse of that word) and content rich.

A little detail perhaps?

The day will start at 10:30am with a breakfast update to The Fantastic Tavern's trends briefing. At the beginning or the year, we looked at ten trends and positioned them on a 'Hot or Not?' scale.  You can see what happened here.  Now, its seven months later and it’s time to see where we stand.  Are any of our predictions any more viable now?  What's changed in consumer behaviour and how is this affecting the activities of brands, communications, services and experience?  I’m also delighted to be joined by Antony Mayfield who will take a forward look at the future of ‘social’ - the importance of the individual, the role of technology and the measurability of always-on reputations.

You will also get an opportunity to meet other Taverners who have responsibility for online brands, eBusiness, eCommerce, content and technology. Assume that all this will be washed down with bacon, egg and sausage butties and plenty of coffee.

The briefing, over breakfast and will be special invite. Should you be there?

Then the main part of the day begins at 12:30pm.  There will be three Taverns, each one hosting three seminars (another world to bulk at).  So that’s nine in total.  The three Taverns will each represent a theme for the three seminars; Innovation, Craft and Effectiveness.  We have brought together some outstanding speakers/facilitators and they will run sessions (better?) that include participation.  

What’s new in INNOVATION and how do you institutionalise innovation at work?  Sponsored by Underbelly


The speakers are:

Michael McClary - Platform Strategy Advisor, Microsoft

Kathy Brown - Director, Seven Cs Consulting

Paul Dawson - Experience Director, EMC Consulting 

The CRAFT of design – how to challenge your creativity and enhance brand through interactions?  Sponsored by EMC Consulting 


The speakers are:

Tricky - Creative Director, TrickyBusiness with Ben Morris

Michael Alves - Senior Copywriter, EMC Consulting

Duan and Phil – AKQA

Measuring EFFECTIVENESS – how do you maximise the value of your digital strategy?  Sponsored by KnowledgeMill


The speakers are:

Antony Mayfield - the author of Me & My Web Shadow

Jo Robb - Head of Development and CRM, B&Q Direct

David Ellis - Head of Performance Management, EMC Consulting

And then there's the evening event.  My ambition is that we host the first ever The Fantastic Tavern Awards.  There's only three categories so it won’t be one of those long running awards ceremonies and it will definitely not be black tie (unless you want it to be) or at The Grosvenor.

Why do you get out of bed? Is it to make great work? Innovative, perfectly crafted and effective work? Work that you're proud to show to your peers? Work that deserves recognition?  We'd love to see it! 

Enter The Fantastic Tavern Awards here.

A big thanks to Marcus Donald People who are sponsoring the 1st TFT Awards.


So a fun filled day.  Yes, you can enter your work, as a brand or as a practitioner, for the Awards. I'll send more information later. Oh and if you're feeling really keen, you could judge them (a week before) and be a contributor.

And so to the most important bit of information; the date.

The Lock Inn 2010 will be during the day on Thursday 23rd September at The Dickens Inn, Marble Quay, Saint Katherines Way, London, E1W 1UH

Spaces are limited a bit so RSVP now to michelle.flynn@emc.com.  There are also 10 wild card invites available so if you would like one please email Michelle.



jamie.thomson said:

"Just take Apple for example - lets face it, everyone does"

Err..not everyone!!! :)

July 19, 2010 3:58 PM

Flynny's Blog said:

I am often asked "What is The Fantastic Tavern?" I have my way of describing it but thought I would ask

August 16, 2010 3:07 PM
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