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So what is happening at the next Fantastic Tavern (10th Feb 2011)?

Next month's Fantastic Tavern, "What Matters Now" is taking shape nicely. Over 120 digitally-fascinated Taverners will convene at the Mudlark in Southwark to participate in what I can only describe as 'speed debating'.

I've approached a host of new speakers and the odd old favourite (no offence intended!) and each one will make a brief monologue before we dive into the theme they have described. Each speaker has selected a theme close (enough) to their passions or area of expertise and I've endeavoured to give the evening as a whole the range of themes that digital touches - very aspect and every walk of life.

Let me give you a taste of a couple of the speakers (we have lots more too).

Chris Thompson from Ravensbourne, the relaunched centre of design and digital education excellence in Greenwich, will give us a point of view about the nature of education and how new social behaviours have forced educationalist to rethink how and when we learn and the role of institutions.

Richard Sedley, now of Foviance fame, continues a theme that is getting more and more attention - time and attention deficit cultures. As part of a cleansing trip to Vietnam this Christmas, I switched off from social media. Doing the maths, I worked out that I spent over two working weeks on Facebook and twitter. So while I'm desperately removing myself from email subscriptions (in excess of 1500 email a year), he's thinking about how a new 'always on' culture is impacting our productivity and quality of life.

I have a special guest, Gerhard Arnhofer, flying in from Paris/somewhere global. Gerhard is responsible for the global provisioning of content, its strategy and management, for a large Pharma company. Gerhard is someone of who it can be said his work is his passion - he genuinely in the business of making a difference to people's well being and health. And our relationship with Health Care, as a concept or as a set of institutions is changing dramatically. Like retail that proceeded the Parma industry, customers are approaching 'provisioners' better informed and with greater demands. How do brands adapt to accommodate this change in needs and expectations and what behaviours could emerge as a digital population faces ill health or senior citizenship?

There is still one speaker slot if you fancy the challenge. In all our discussions, debates, blogs, tweets etc and with cultures changing and being created so rapidly, is something missing in all of this. Where is God? And is he on Facebook?* In the four years, I have been on Facebook, I have never once got up on a sunday to read "I'm heading to Church". Why not? If you have an interest in beliefs and a point of view about the role of 'a god', deity, worship, religion and devotion, let me know.

I can promise you an exhausting, challenging, stimulating evening. Together, we will explore the broadest themes that the Tavern is concerned with and perhaps form an agenda for the year ahead.

Remember if you cannot make it, you can watch the speed debated unfold on twitter @TFTLondonNYC #TFTLondon

Date: Thursday 10th February 2011

Time: 6:30pm until bar close

Venue: The Mudlark (Traders Bar upstairs), 4 Montague Close, London SE1 9DA

SORRY THE LIST IS NOW FULL but if you email michelle.flynn@emc.com she can add you to the reserve list.

* God is on Facebook and 511,545 people like this.

Published Thursday, January 20, 2011 11:19 AM by matthew.bagwell



Bagwell's blog said:

This blog is for all those people lucky enough to get a place at the next " What Matters Now" Fantastic

February 3, 2011 3:44 PM
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