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Very random thoughts on a variety of interactive media topics. Broadly looking at experience design, brand, digital consumer strategies, innovation and a fair dollop of user-facing technology. I'm Experience Director at EMC Consulting and you can also find me masquerading as @poleydee on Twitter.

What next?

There’s too much going around my brain right now…

New models for managing rights and copyright on digital materials: Reacting to the recent Mandelson madness. Don’t cut off our broadband, allow us to pay what’s fair for content, whilst watching or listening to it anywhere we want – after all we’ve paid for it, we deserve to be able to do at least that! However, the ‘industry’ doesn’t know how to do this because it limits its thinking to the outdated modes of rights management we have today.

Social R&D: The value of domain exploration i.e. companies and individuals following curiosity-based research with end consumers in the context of a specific domain or industry, to see what needs, and opportunities they can un-earth before then innovating around those areas; rather than focusing on trying to solve particular perceived ‘problems’.

Firms of endearment: Having re-watched a Lou Carbone talk at MIX09, I re-adjusted some of my investment strategies today. He cites “Firms of endearment” a book that asked people “what companies would you mourn the loss of?” and shows that the companies that topped this chart hugely outperform the rest of the marketplace. What if we only invested in companies that we love? Wouldn’t the world be a better place if the companies we hated shrivelled up and died a lot faster precisely because nobody loved them? Or those investment strategies actually influenced companies to change their ways to focus more on experience and getting us to love them.

Influencing Behaviour Change as a new discipline or area of study within the context of the industries I work in taking what has been learned in other areas and applying it to some of the challenges we face. Many of our society’s problems are due to fixed modes of behaviour. “If only people would… “ is a common cry levelled at problems as far ranging as climate change and anti-social behaviour. I’ve noticed a few things that give me some clues that potentially ‘community’ is quite a key influencing factor in behaviour change. However is anyone really focusing on behaviour change? Or are we split into two halves: Those who assume behaviour change won’t happen, and so change the environment or create solutions that don’t require people to change their behaviour (low carbon houses or low emission vehicles for example) – and those who assume you have to incentivise behaviour change, and limit themselves primarily to stick or carrot measures (charge people for carrier bags or pay them to recycle). Is there a trick we’re missing by not focusing at a more granular level on how people make decisions, and how over time we can influence behaviour change in a more sophisticated way in a number of areas that will make a difference to our society.

The question is… which shall I explore first??

Published Monday, November 30, 2009 10:15 PM by Paul.Dawson

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I started working in 'new media' when it was new... around 1996, doing websites for people like DHL and Cellnet (remember them?) as well as CD-Roms for people like Dorling Kindersley. I joined Conchango in 1999 because I was fed up with the conflicts and overlaps between the companies that we tended to partner with to deliver these things. Usually it was a tech company and a marketing agency. Neither had the user's needs in mind, and both were trying hard to take business away from each other. So at Conchango I saw the opportunity to create an integrated team, who as a result of all being on the same side, and following good user centred design process, delivered better stuff for both our clients and their customers. Bizarrely, now that we have teams who truly understand all these aspects of projects, we now partner very well with both tech and creative companies! So we built an interactive media team who do design, branding and user experience, and since 2006 have consistently been rated best in Europe at this by Forrester Research. Which was nice! Since then I've worked on digital strategy and innovation for companies like Virgin Atlantic, Barclays, Tesco and other great clients as part of EMC Consulting. Now I spend a lot of time evangelising to customers and at conferences, about what EMC Consulting do in the field of Customer and Brand Experience, as well as still working for real clients on real projects. The final thing I do is look out for what new user-facing technologies will be relevant to us, our customers and consumesrs. I help shape how we adopt them, and how we apply them, and how we build the skills we need to be the best at them.

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