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Wordle - text clouds

If you have not been over to Wordle then it's definitely worth checking out. Personally I really like the tag cloud metaphor as the information that I am wordle my bloglooking for seems to be more obvious than scrolling through a long list of information, it's especially handy when you want to quickly find some data without using search. Steve Poole creator of Wordle has built the application using Java and provides possibly the easiest way of creating text clouds I have found to date. You can either point Wordle at a blog or you can point it at a user on del.icio.us once you have selected the end point that you want Wordle to data visualise your a click away from creating your first text cloud. There is also a configuration area where you can change fonts and colours, you can also change the layout of the text as well.

My first Wordle I created was from my blog and its fair to say that there are some rather geek speak words, that I use when blogging. My more recent posts have all been around controls in Silverlight and the words such as control and template and heavily referenced when talking around these topics. So that was nice and simple to create and the results are cool. What I thought would be interesting is how this text cloud compares to the text cloud that represents what bookmarks and tags that I use on my del.icio.us account.wordle my delicious tags

The results were interesting as the words that I have chosen for my tags are representative of the subject titles that encapsulate the technology areas that I write about on my blog. 

I also tried out the Conchango blogs site and its corresponding del.icio.us tags which produced very similar results. All the Wordle links are posted at the bottom of the post if you want to view them or you can create your own in seconds.







Published Wednesday, July 30, 2008 9:35 AM by Anonymous
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