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Scrum for Team System

Scrum for Team System SQL Server 2008 Patcher User Guide

As part of the release of version 2.2 we have extended support for SQL Server 2008 mainly around the Reporting Services. The “SQLServer2008Patcher” utility (included in the suite of tools installed with the SfTS template) will update the 2 reports, “Sprint Task Board” and “Sprint Task Board”, to make use of the new report definition language.

The SQL Server 2008 Patcher uses the security context of the executing user, whom must be assigned the Content Manager role, when running. To use the tool, please follow these steps below:

  • Start a command window (use an elevated command console if running Windows Server 2008)
  • Type the following command: cd "<install path> \Conchango\Scrum for Team System\tools"
    The default installation path is: c:\Program Files\Conchango\Scrum for Team System\tools
  • Type in following command:
    SQLServer2008Patcher -tfsreportserver: "http://<TFS Reporting Server>/ReportServer" -projects: "<Scrum Project>[;<Scrum Project>]"
  • Wait while the update process runs.

If there is an error, then please use the following steps before running patcher again:

  • Start web browser session go to the following address: http://<TFS Reporting Server>/Reports.
  • Select the folder project where the error occurred.
  • Ensure that the folder ScrumUpdateTemp doesn’t exists.
    • If folder does exist. Copy the report(s) contained within that folder back to the parent folder. (Overwriting the existing files)
    • Delete old ScrumUpdateTemp folder.

Then rerun the process again. Be sure to exclude the any project which completed successfully.


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