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Steven Goddard

Weekly Digest of what EMC's bloggers have been writing about, courtesy of @mattbuckley

Your weekly digest of the topics that EMC’s bloggers have been exploring over the past seven days – a brief summary designed to help you scan their various musings in order to find your topics of interest.



1. Reflections – EMC Executives Report From The Road


Costly Consequences of IT-related Risks

2 days ago

By Hakon Jacobsen, Vice President EMC Consulting Asia Pacific & Japan

Governance Risk Management and Compliance is one of the core services of EMC Consulting. Speaking with executives all over Asia Pacific & Japan, we hear a consistent message that they need help to re-assess their IT systems in terms of resilience and inter-dependencies. In the aftermath of an online service outage which reportedly crippled branch, ATM, Internet, and mobile banking services for customers of a large bank in Singapore back in 2010, The Monetary Authority of Singapore instructed the company to set aside an extra $230 million in regulatory capital for operational risk.


The Key to Keeping Customers? Big Data.

5 days ago

By Jim Bampos, Vice President of Customer Quality

By integrating customer experience information and demonstrating how customer intelligence translates into value through improved customer experiences, companies can use Big Data and Big Data analytics to uncover truths they didn't even know existed and optimize their business outcomes. I recently wrote an article for Fortune.com which focuses on applying Big Data techniques to improve the Total Customer Experience (TCE) for customers.


How We Teach Customers to Use Big Data

7 days ago

By Bill Schmarzo, CTO, EMC Consulting, Enterprise Information Management & Analytics

At Oracle OpenWorld last week, Joe Tucci and Jeremy Burton shared insights on how customers are using big data. I was also at the show, meeting with customers about where and how they can employ big data to make smarter business decisions. One of the ways we help customers do that is through a Vision Workshop, which helps clients identify use cases for where and how big data can deliver business value and competitive differentiation.



2. Chuck's Blog – An EMC insider's perspective on information, technology and customer challenges.


Growing Your Digital Business Model? Fertile Ground Helps!

2 days ago

The next major wave of disruption appears to be starting its tear through organizations everywhere.  It's not a technology wave, it's a new way of doing business in our digital world.  Learning to compete using a digital business model appears to be comparatively easy if your company or organization was fortunate enough to be "born digital".  For the 99%+ of organizations that aren't so lucky, the far greater challenge lies in transforming a function that was born in the physical world into a modern digital one.



3. Storagezilla


From invention to innovation.

6 days ago

Still on the road so I'll keep this brief but I had a conversation yesterday with someone lamenting the progress of ideas in IT. Everything old being new again. To that I say 'not hardly.' Let's take an example all of us will be familiar with. In 1830 a man named Edwin Beard Budding wondered if the mechanism for a cloth cutting machine could be turned on its side and used to solve another problem. The problem of cutting a large grass lawn and leaving it with an attractive finish.


Read the release notes. (It's the law)

7 days ago

There are two technical resources I'm always somewhat amazed I have to mention to people. And since I speak to *a lot* of people I'm thinking of just putting them on a business card. The first is the fact I can't talk community.emc.com up enough. It's a gold mine of hard earned experience from people who are your peers. The other resource are product release notes. The moment you ask yourself 'I wonder what's new in...?', grab the release notes. If it's new, it's in the release notes. If it's changed, it's in the release notes.


The road surface.

7 days ago

Some wacky limitations in Safari Mobile for iOS make it a hideous platform to blog from and as I increasingly leave the laptop behind while I rack up the air miles the net result is a blogging downturn. If Microsoft port Live Writer to Windows RT I'll be all over Surface.



4. Information Playground – Global High-Tech Innovation


Taking the Train to ETH Zurich

1 day ago

I manage EMC's global university research portfolio, and in that role I help pursue research engagements with faculty that specialize in areas such as cloud, big data, and trust. Several weeks ago I stopped by ETH Zurich and met with the Department of Computer Science. My colleagues and I also met with faculty from the ZISC center: The goal of the ZISC center is bringing together academia and industry to carry out research and education in information security.


Building X: Rethinking Core Design Criteria

5 days ago

Several days ago I found the time to sit down and watch Joe Tucci's and Jeremy Burton's Oracle OpenWorld speeches. Jeremy's discussion of "Project X" was something that stayed with me for a few days. Not only did I find what he did say interesting, but I also think it's worth emphasizing something that he didn't say.



5. EMC IT Proven – Leading our IT Transformation


EMC IT Integration Best Practices for Mergers and Acquisitions

7 days ago

Mergers and acquisitions are commonplace in today’s economic environment and that is no different here at EMC, where M&A has played a vital role in the company’s expansion and deliverance of a wide range of specialized, innovative services. The size and scope of EMC as the industry’s foremost information infrastructure provider is not the sole reason for EMC’s successful track record of M&A. The trail has been blazed due to accumulated proficiency within the technical and operational process of assimilating a company into EMC.



6. The Storage Chap


AccessAnywhere ProtectEverywhere

2 days ago

Learn why and how customers can use EMC VPLEX and EMC RecoverPoint to enable application availability and recovery in distributed datacenter environments.



7. Speaking of Security, the RSA Blog and Podcast – featuring a group of experts in identity management, encryption, privacy, policy, and enterprise security standards.


Don’t wait in line for your burger, purchase it with your app!

6 days ago

According to Reuters, McDonald’s has been testing in-store fast food purchases via mobile apps in France. Why? Well, so that you can order your burger with your app on your mobile device, skip the line to order and pay as you will pay via PayPal and wait in a separate line, presumably shorter than the regular line for people without apps. Another testament to mobile apps becoming an integral part of our daily lives. Not convinced yet?


You Down with PPI?

6 days ago

We’ve all heard of Personally Identifiable Information or PII (social security number, drivers license number, birth dates) and Protected Health Information or PHI (medical diagnosis codes, medical history), but have you heard of Personal Password Information or PPI?  No?

How important are your passwords to you?  What would happen if someone got a hold of your password to your bank account?


Unity in Multiplicity

7 days ago

I was in Abu Dhabi last week, speaking at Khalifa University in a conference on cloud computing. Never having been in Abu Dhabi before, I found many things new and unfamiliar, but also wonderful – particularly so, that evening, when we had dinner at a restaurant that looked across the water to the Shaikh Zayed Grand Mosque. It is an extraordinarily beautiful complex, particularly as we saw it that evening.


Split-value Cryptographic Authentication: Building Advanced Threat-Resistant Software

7 days ago

Advanced Threats are deeply impacting the way we develop secure products by fundamentally changing our working assumptions. We used to design and develop products to be attack resistant assuming that the environment where they will be deployed may be compromised. We now have to develop and design products assuming that every system in the customer environment, in the development environment and in the supply chain may be compromised.



8. Big Data Transforms Business


20 Node Hadoop Cluster, With Hive, No Pig Please

6 days ago

We can all agree that Hadoop is a key component to a Big Data strategy, but without a simple and fast way to stand up a complex Hadoop system, IT cannot deliver the value promised by Big Data. The good news is that VMware has addressed the challenge with Project Serengeti, enabling enterprises to quickly deploy, manage, and scale Apache Hadoop in virtual and cloud environments.



9. The Backup Window – 360° view of backup and recovery


The New Relevancy of Backup

1 day ago

There’s no question about it – our world has become data-centric. Mountains and mountains of content-rich data surround us, fuel our businesses and touch virtually every aspect of our daily lives. And while this data enables us to achieve things we’ve never done before, think in ways we never dreamed of and reach people we may never have thought possible, these opportunities do not happen without foresight.


Optimizing VMware Backup and Recovery is the Game Changer

2 days ago

Let’s face it, managing multiple backup applications or trying to adapt traditional backup applications for a highly virtualized environment is not only challenging, but far from optimal. It’s not so different than watching my favorite football team, that always strives for optimal performance, in a very dynamic game.  Scoring involves analysis of the defense, proper play calling, time management and precise play execution.


What’s Your (Backup) Game Plan?

6 days ago

It isn’t whether you should change your backup approach (remember, backup transformation is key to reducing your organization’s “time to”), it’s how you do it.  More specifically, what do you do, and when do you do it?  If you’re like most organizations, you probably have a multi-quarter strategy to improve backup speeds, recovery times or de-duplication rates; another multi-phase strategy to help your backup team keep pace with the massive data growth you’re organization is experiencing; a longer-term plan to address specific backup issues with the applications you’re running; etc.



10. Thought Feast – The technology blog to feed your brain with industry trends and topics


Fashionistas Use Mobile technology to Put Customers First

6 days ago

I was recently invited by Drapers magazine – the retail fashion industry bible – to comment on what UK fashion retailers are doing with mobile technology. To be honest, I struggled to think of genuinely innovative activity that put customers – not the product, brand or retailer – first, certainly in the UK. If you check out the Neiman Marcus 'Service' app   you will see something that genuinely helps customers and staff, delivering a better customer service experience.



11. InFocus – EMC Global Services Blog


Don’t Think Cloud Stack: Think Data and Applications

1 day ago

A lot of the discussion around cloud deployment focuses on the various layers described by NIST:  infrastructure-as-a-service, platform-as-a-service and software-as-a-service.  While this may be a useful way to think about cloud for those who are building clouds, it’s not necessarily the way in which the business finds it easiest to consume IT.


The Latest Life Sciences Challenge: Regulated Information and Business Model Transformation

1 day ago

As a Solution Partner in the EMC Global Services Health Sciences industry group, I observe firsthand the radical business model transformation that is happening in the Life Sciences industry. Organizations which historically were vertically integrated must now rely heavily on partners and service providers for key value chain activities.


EMC Support App – Support on the Go!

2 days ago

I have been waiting for this one for a while! As an enterprise technology company, EMC has a leadership position and a responsibility for information management – after all, it’s what we do. Recently, one of the biggest areas of feedback from our customers is the desire to access critical business updates in a faster, more efficient way. Enter the EMC Support app.


A Customer First Culture, Driven By Data

2 days ago

When you’re providing decision support to a global business unit, there are lots of questions about best practices.

Ø  What are they?

Ø  What should they be?

Ø  What can we do to make them real?


Business Models are Broken? Don’t Bet On That!

2 days ago

Next week I’m going to be speaking at the Strata NY conference (11:15 am Tuesday, 10/23/2012) on a panel titled “Great Debate: The Old Models are Broken.”  I love these sorts of discussions because they force us to challenge existing business models by questioning the validity of those models given market changes and technology innovations.


Continuous Improvement on a Global Scale

6 days ago

In this video blog I give a few examples of how EMC Customer Support is constantly striving to learn and improve, in our own operations and in how we support customers around the world.


How We Teach Customers to Use Big Data

6 days ago

At Oracle OpenWorld last week, Joe Tucci and Jeremy Burton shared insights on how customers are using big data. I was also at the show, meeting with customers about where and how they can employ big data to make smarter business decisions. One of the ways we help customers do that is through a Vision Workshop, which helps clients identify use cases for where and how big data can deliver business value and competitive differentiation.


Professor for a Day

6 days ago

A very good friend of mine, Terez Anderson, is a professor of Speech Communication at MiraCosta College in Oceanside, CA.  She and I attended San Diego State University together.  Now she works with my old Forensics coach at MiraCosta, Neil Moura.  These are great people and great programs with which I am proud to have been affiliated.


My home as a test bed for Data Management, ILM Policy, and Catalogs

6 days ago

I know I am opening myself up for some ridicule and perhaps more than a few comparisons but my house has a few terabytes of data to manage.  Eight terabytes of files, pictures, movies, audio and miscellaneous “stuff” in the library and as I digitize more and more of my records I find the estate growing every day.  When I managed the Legoland California infrastructure 15 years ago we had well under a terabyte of data in total.  Things sure are different these days.  I manage more demanding users at home, for one.


The Data Scientist Will Be Replaced By Tools…Really?!

7 days ago

There has been a recent debate across the blogosphere and social media communities around an article titled “The Data Scientist Will Be Replaced By Tools.”  It’s a provocative article that postulates that due to a scarcity of data science talent, a slew of start-ups providing “data science as a service,” and new data science tools that automation will be able to address this problem.



12. Managed View – From Silos to Services


Object Storage In The Public Cloud

5 days ago

Enterprise IT and service providers are transforming how they do business by leveraging cloud architectures to deliver infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS). Cloud architectures are ideally suited to the unique storage demands of unstructured data, which is forecasted to grow at 80%. This growth is driven by the increasing size and amount of digital images, video, audio, and a combination of these media as seen on sites such as Amazon and others.



13. Virtual Geek – an insider's perspective, technical tips n' tricks in the era of the VMware Revolution


SAP HANA Real Time Race - The Cisco/EMC team

2 days ago

I think these sort of fun competitions are always a gas…  (think the Diamond Sponsor “Hunger Games” at VMworld 2012)…  What’s this one?  It’s a competition between two SAP consulting companies (Bluefin Solutions and Optimal Solutions) who specialize in SAP analytics to showcase how fast and easy a customer can migrate BW to HANA – then deploy Analytics use cases, and delivering them on mobile devices using SAP’s mobility portfolio.


Transparency. EMC Partner - Q4 "Backstage Pass!"

5 days ago

As always, I think there should be no air gap between EMC and our partners.  I’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating (IMO) don’t spend much time thinking about EMC competitors.   It’s not a matter of a lack of respect or humility – we have many very respectable competitors.  Rather, my view is if we do our job right, be willing to cannibalize ourselves (after all – the most material competitor are wholesale industry changes), innovate organically and inorganically, and always, always, always serve our customers and partners – it almost doesn’t matter what competitors do.

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