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Steven Goddard

Weekly Digest of what EMC's bloggers have been writing about 12/12/12, courtesy of @mattbuckley

1. Reflections – EMC Executives Report From The Road


The Next Wave of Cloud Computing

2 days ago

By David Goulden, President and COO

Hear where the next wave of IT transformation leads, from EMC President & COO David Goulden. [video]


How We Can Use Technology To Transform The Classroom

5 days ago

By Howard Elias, President and Chief Operating Officer, EMC Information Infrastructure and Cloud Services

With each fundamental shift in America’s economy, our public education system has also transformed to meet the needs of both student and industry. When we were a primarily agrarian nation, schools focused on the liberal arts and operated on a schedule that coincided with the cycle of planting and harvest. Following the Industrial Revolution, schools adopted a more regimented model focused on rote and routine, and added a more specialized curriculum designed to meet the insatiable labor needs of our mills and factories.


Road to Recovery: Do you have a plan in place?

7 days ago

By Rodrigo Gazzaneo, vSpecialists Manager, Latin America

Hurricane Sandy was not an isolated event. As the world becomes more densely populated these natural events will cause bigger impact. The world is becoming more interconnected too. More organizations rely on intelligent systems to support their operations than ever, and these systems need infrastructure. Latin America is no exception.



2. Chuck's Blog – An EMC insider's perspective on information, technology and customer challenges.


EMC Joins OpenStack

1 day ago

Today, our EMC logo went up on the OpenStack Foundation's web site as a corporate level sponsor.  You'll see many other logos up there as well -- all good.  I'm sure each participant sees OpenStack through their own lens.  With this post, hopefully I can share a bit of EMC's perspective and motivations.  Because -- as with most things -- the pattern should be familiar by now.


Charting The Digital Universe: IDC's 6th Annual Study

1 day ago

Climate change has been hotly debated for well over a decade now.  The evidence is largely in, what remains is a discussion around root causes, and what -- if anything -- can be done.  Personally, the topic became particularly urgent when I saw a recent documentary ("Chasing Ice") which features stunning time-lapse photography of massive glaciers and ice sheets melting before your very eyes.  Seeing is believing.  Our world is changing, faster than we thought.


E&Y: Trust And The Cloud

5 days ago

I'm lucky to meet a wide range of IT organizations scattered across all sorts of industries.  Some are bravely charging ahead into the new world of cloud-based IT service delivery: transforming their internal operations, consuming more external IT services, and learning quickly as they go.  But others are holding back, and for what turns out to be very sound reasons.


There Is No Automation Pill

6 days ago

So many discussions these days with customers around IT transformation -- three of them yesterday alone.  While every discussion has its own unique nuances, there are observable patterns where people frequently can fall into a predictable trap -- not just IT organizations, but us as IT vendors as well.  And, not surprisingly, one of those topics is automation.


Lost In Translation?

7 days ago

Part of my role here at EMC is to spend time with writers, bloggers and journalists on various topics.  It's a global endeavor, often crossing language and cultural barriers.  Most of the time, it turns out pretty well.  What ends up in print is a reasonable reflection of what I said - maybe not perfect, but close enough.  Once in a rare while, the result can get jumbled.  When it does, I certainly share a decent amount of the responsibility: was I clear, did I speak slowly, did I make it simple enough?



3. Storagezilla


Cheap heat, no mojo.

7 days ago

Looking to generate some cheap heat (And because EMC doesn’t speak to him at all) Robin Harris has started making things up about Project X. The core of his argument appears to be that if it wasn’t going to be incredibly late by his estimate, the company would have conducted private betas by now. But since he hasn’t heard of any they must not be happening. Well that’s a valid point, so valid that EMC actually allowed the results of a customer POC to be posted online by the team who performed it for the customer back in September.



4. Information Playground – Global High-Tech Innovation


Digital Universe 2012: Machine Machinations

1 day ago

machination is defined as a crafty scheme, a plot, or intrigue.  When I look at the wealth of information provided by the IDC in this year's Digital Universe Study, I can't help but think that machines are writing a pretty crafty plot in which we as humans are designing a fairly sophisticated communication network for them.  IDC is nearly at the midpoint of their Digital Universe Study.  They define the Digital Universe as "a measure of all the digital data created, replicated, and consumed in a single year". The first study was completed in 2007.  This initial study predicted that the Digital Universe in 2010 would grow to 988 exabytes.



5. Speaking of Security, the RSA Blog and Podcast – featuring a group of experts in identity management, encryption, privacy, policy, and enterprise security standards.


Citadel’s Steward Banned from Underground Venues

1 day ago

Those following deep-web cybercrime communities know, and have borne witness to, the fate of black hat developers who take on the creation of commercial banking Trojans. Starting with Zeus’ creator “Slavik” and SpyEye’s “Gribodeamon,” developers work overtime to get on the fast track to 6-figure salaries and underground fame. On the way there, they realize they are the glue that keeps the operation together – listening to customers, ensuring product quality, marketing, sales, tech support and keeping appearances in cybercrime forums, where their target audience awaits.


Worried about Advanced Threats? RSA Education Services can help!

2 days ago

I’d like to start out with a quote from RSA’s Executive Chairman, Art Coviello, from his Keynote at RSA Conference in February this year… “We need to champion and develop a new breed of Cyber Security Analyst…This new breed of analyst must have the right analytical skills, ‘big picture’ thinking and much needed collaborative “people skills” to ensure smooth information sharing with multiple stakeholders.”


Applying Security Intelligence to Your Enterprise Threat Mitigation Program – Introduction

5 days ago

Intelligence is no longer solely relegated to the world of the clandestine. It is no longer the exclusive domain of roguish characters featured in heart pounding novels nor is it the sole dominion of the prototypical ‘geek’ pounding away on a keyboard at a secret government facility (or van) near you. No. Threat Intelligence is part of our lives and we experience it daily at work, at home and on the go. This is true for you and me and for enterprise organizations.


BYOD Are We Still Not Getting It Right?

6 days ago

Continuing on my recent blogs on BYOD, I thought I would share some interesting statistics from this year’s PwC Information Security Breaches Survey. 75% of large businesses allow staff to use smart phones and tablets to connect to their systems yet only 39% ensure that data on these smart phones is encrypted. Mobile devices are often lost or stolen with any data on them exposed. In the wrong hands these devices can potentially open up a door into corporate assets.


Sports, RSA, and Silver Tail Systems

6 days ago

I love sports.  I am fascinated by the fact that some teams consistently win, year in, year out, and some teams tend to always struggle (to my beloved Golden State Warriors…this is our year!).  The New England Patriots recently clinched the AFC East Division Championship for the ninth time out of the past ten years.  FC Barcelona hoisted five out of the past ten La Liga Championship trophies.  The Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers have won 33 out of the 63 NBA Championships played since 1947.



6. EMC IT Proven – Leading our IT Transformation


Best Practices for Virtualizing Your Oracle Database

1 day ago

Virtualizing your Oracle database infrastructure without benchmarking and following best practices is a bit like trying to find your way in a strange big city without a street map. You may get where you need to go eventually, but it will be a long and difficult journey. Fortunately, we at EMC are in the midst of that virtualization journey and have put together some benchmarks and best practices to help guide your organization’s path to running Oracle database on virtualized infrastructure.


EMC’s New SAP ERP System Passes the Test: Users muscle through record end of quarter (Q3 2012)

6 days ago

In my last blog, I talked about how EMC succeeded beyond expectations in launching our new ERP system – codenamed PROPEL – in a big-bang cutover that went live without a hitch on July 4, 2012. But the real test of the PROPEL project still loomed: closing out our first ever quarter using the new SAP ERP system. I’m glad to report that PROPEL passed that critical test— thanks to planning, persistence and plenty of hard work by our project team, the business and everyone involved across EMC.


EMC CIO Sanjay Mirchandani to Keynote EMC Forum Boston 2012 on Dec. 7

7 days ago

Get ready for EMC Forum 2012: the one-day conference that aims to transform the way you see the future of IT, Business, and Yourself.



7. The Backup Window – 360° view of backup and recovery


Help, I Need Somebody… to Manage My Backups

2 days ago

Okay, I admit, it…this passage probably won’t mean much to you if you aren’t a Beatles fan, particularly of their 1965 song “Help”, which has been described as the “first crack in the protective shell” John Lennon had built around his emotions during the Beatles’ rise to fame.  So what does this song have to do with backups and confidence in data protection?  I’m glad you asked.  The parallel I’m attempting to make here is that from an IT organization perspective, the way backups and data protection are viewed today is dramatically different than it was a few years ago.


Is Big Data Too Big to Back Up?

5 days ago

Is the new Boeing Dreamliner too big for safety inspections? Was the Titanic too big to need lifeboats? Are some banks too big to follow basic asset safety rules? Was Gmail too big to lose data?  So, is big data too big to back up? Definitely not.  But that doesn’t mean you can back up Big Data with traditional backup techniques. Big Data’s volume, variety, and velocity (the 3 V’s) force backup teams to transform their approach.


EMC’s Chief Oracle Architect Speaks Out

7 days ago

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Darryl Smith, one of EMC’s brightest IT minds, and the conversation that ensued was very different than I thought it would be… and in a good way.



8. Thought Feast – The technology blog to feed your brain with industry trends and topics


Simply the best: EMC Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

2 days ago

Lady Backup is pleased to announce that EMC is the winner for the 2nd year in the V3 Technology Awards. While EMC was nominated in several categories, readers voted EMC best in “disaster recovery and business continuity” solutions.  Also of note is that VFCache was a finalist in the best product of the year. Check out this video interview with Kelly Brown, filmed from the awards ceremony.



9. InFocus – EMC Global Services Blog


2013 – An Inflection Point for Cloud Services in Financial Industry

1 day ago

It’s hard to believe December is already here; time to reflect on the technology highlights of this past year and prognosticate the year in review and see what exciting new trends 2013 holds for the financial industry.  What will take center stage amongst all the IT predictions – ranging from Big Data developments, to Mobile Services, Virtualization, Social Media, Digital, or maybe their numerous permutations?


Nurturing Serendipity in the Age of Data-driven Decisions

2 days ago

Recently I had an interesting discussion with my good friend Jonathan Abel.  Jonathan heads up the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA) at Stanford University, where Jonathan and his students combine data science with sound and music in exploration of research and commercial opportunities.  We got into a discussion about the role of serendipity as a tool in the scientist’s kitbag, and how important it was for a scientist to plan for and encourage serendipity, and leverage human intuition, in designing analytic models.


To Orchestrate or Not to Orchestrate?

5 days ago

Orchestration is a common term you will encounter when talking about cloud computing. Many organizations are currently trying to understand if orchestration is a requirement as they virtualize their Data Centers and adopt private, public, or hybrid cloud models. You will notice that the formal definition of cloud does not explicitly mention orchestration. Could this be another software vendor’s marketing hype to ride the cloud wave in order to sell more software?


How We Can Use Technology To Transform The Classroom

5 days ago

With each fundamental shift in America’s economy, our public education system has also transformed to meet the needs of both student and industry. When we were a primarily agrarian nation, schools focused on the liberal arts and operated on a schedule that coincided with the cycle of planting and harvest. Following the Industrial Revolution, schools adopted a more regimented model focused on rote and routine, and added a more specialized curriculum designed to meet the insatiable labor needs of our mills and factories.


2012: The Year that Service Excellence Finally Got the Spotlight?

6 days ago

At the risk of spilling trade secrets on how I generate ideas for a blog post, I usually start with a general concept regarding customer service excellence then search for objective articles to support my idea. When I first started my InFocus blog in June 2011, there were very few articles available to support my ideas. In other words, customer service excellence was not newsworthy.


After Virtualization: Is Continuous Availability the Next Wave?

6 days ago

You may be wondering where the linkage is between virtualization and continuous availability (CA) — two computing trends that are getting a lot of attention these days.  As you know, virtualization has been the hottest “no brainer” migration over the past 5 to 7 years.  But, it was not always that way.


Controlling Chaos with Technology: An Overview of Transformation in Health Insurance

6 days ago

A transformation of unprecedented scale and speed is sweeping through the health insurance market. Health plans face numerous and competing demands as the market tries to reign in cost growth while improving health quality and outcomes. Driven by members, providers, regulators and payers, four primary forces are at the heart of this transformation: Consumerism, Care Delivery, Regulation, and Consolidation.


IT as a Service from a CxO’s Perspective

7 days ago

Today’s CxO is besieged with pressures, both from the macro level and at the company level. The uncertainties of the economy and the ever-changing regulatory landscape are just a sample of the macro-level issues. At the company level, C-level execs are constantly trying to find competitive advantages and be more innovative, while continuing to improve efficiency.  When you then add in the impact of technology from social networks and the consumerization of everything (including IT), you have to wonder how these folks sleep at night.



10. Managed View – From Silos to Services


Infrastructure-As-A-Service Goes Mainstream

5 days ago

Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), the fastest growing segment of the rapidly expanding cloud market, is going mainstream into the enterprise. Concurrently service providers, who were early adopters, are moving upstream to more higher-value services. IaaS is a simple concept, but with complexities that must be dealt with to successfully implement.



11. Cloud Matters – Ideas, observations and stories about the journey to cloud computing


Buzzwords, Business and Murder

6 days ago

Looking to predict the future is no new idea.  How it is done has changed though and that's one reason that Time magazine lists “Big Data” as the number two buzzword of 2012, led only by the not very surprising “Fiscal Cliff”.  (Thanks Chuck for the heads up tweet.)  We’ve been through this buzzword fatigue before – green, cloud, everything “e”.  Perhaps the key lesson is that while they can indeed get tiresome, the terms draw early attention to something that will ultimately become quite valuable and will also entwine with normalcy enough to be hardly noted as special.  Just essential.


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