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Steven Goddard

Weekly Digest of what EMC's bloggers have been writing about 20/12/12, courtesy of @mattbuckley

1. Reflections – EMC Executives Report From The Road


Russia is Ready for Big Data

2 days ago

By Bill Teuber, Vice Chairman

In October, I had the opportunity to travel back to Russia for the 9th annual EMC Forum, hosted at the World Trade Center in Moscow. With more than 1,500 attendees, including customers, partners and press, it was clear that the people of Russia are excited by the transformation happening in IT and are eager to learn more and capitalize on the growing megatrend that is big data. 


New 2012 Digital Universe Study Reveals Big Data Opportunity

6 days ago

By Jeremy Burton, Executive Vice President, Product Operations and Marketing

The 2012 Digital Universe study, conducted by the research firm IDC for EMC, is full of eye popping statistics about the amount of information the world is generating. Consider these findings from the study:

  • The amount of information in the Digital Universe is doubling every two years, currently growing at a rate of more than 7,600 petabytes per day 
  • Less than 1% of the world’s data is analyzed today, presenting an enormous opportunity for Big Data analytics, which we at EMC believe will become the “killer app” of the next wave of IT
  • By 2020, there will be 7.6B people on the Internet… and 200B interconnected “things.” 



2. Chuck's Blog – An EMC insider's perspective on information, technology and customer challenges.


Thanks For The Chocolate

1 day ago

Perhaps a better title for this post is "Why More Data Is A Good Thing".  As we engage with our customers around big data analytics, one of the harder points to get across is why more data can lead to better predictive insights.  Perhaps they suspect we've got an agenda to sell them more storage? :)


Does IT Need A New Concierge?

1 day ago

There's a new business model brewing in the ranks of the enterprise IT marketplace.  In some ways it's a new idea; in other ways it's a linear extension of familiar concepts.  As with any emerging model, you'll hear it described in many different ways: a cloud services broker, ITaaS-as-a-service, a new variation on the outsourcing model, front-desk-and-back-office, and so on.  The core idea is conceptually simple: a new, external IT service that makes other external IT services easier to source and easier to consume by the broader enterprise.  An "IT services concierge" service, if you will.


Building A Executive Digital Literacy Program

6 days ago

Being perceived as a visionary is a relatively easy task.  All you have to do is identify a handful of clearly visible trends, extrapolate a bit, and then loop back with practical advice on what to do about it now.  Example: I have a friend who's currently looking at oceanfront property.  He showed me a place that was right on the water.  I suggested he might consider a house with a bit more elevation?  Sure, it might not be a visible problem now, but if you think out a few years ...


Why There Shouldn't Be A Single Version Of The Truth

7 days ago

Legacy thinking can get you in trouble in so many ways.  The challenge is that -- well -- there's so much of it around.  Maxims that seemed to make logical sense in one era quickly become the intellectual chains that hold so many of us back.  Personally, I've come to enjoy blowing up conventional wisdom to make room for emerging realities.  I'm getting into more and more customer discussions with progressive IT organizations that are seriously contemplating building platforms and services that meet the broad goal of "analytically enabling the business" -- business analytics as service, if you will.



3. Information Playground – Global High-Tech Innovation


Innovation Lineage Threads: A Longitudinal Update

1 day ago

I continue to lead a Data Science project at EMC that focuses on Innovation Analytics. My approach has been to create a set of hypotheses and leverage a task force of volunteer data scientists to help me prove or disprove them. During this process I ran into a roadblock on one hypothesis: Hypothesis #7 Incubation Lineage and Asset Generation


Technologies for the Emerging Digital Universe

6 days ago

Recently I published a post describing the enormous amount of data being contributed to the Digital Universe by machines. Billions of devices will generate petabytes of information. Much of it will land in deep archives that are eventually mined and analyzed using a variety of fast, parallel analytic techniques. The Digital Universe study posits that by 2020 these machines will not only generate an estimated 40% of all digital content, but the machines will be expecting an immediate (sub-second) response, or instruction,  to determine the next robot-like action that they should take.



4. Speaking of Security, the RSA Blog and Podcast – featuring a group of experts in identity management, encryption, privacy, policy, and enterprise security standards.


Fostering the Next Generation of Security Professionals

1 day ago

Information security is one of the most important topics of our time; it’s easy to find a news article everyday about organizations’ plans on allocating more funds to Infosec, which in turn puts security professionals in high demand. In fact the (ISC)2 2012 Career Impact Survey found that 62% of respondents were planning to expand their staff of information security employees in 2012. At the same time, 50.2% reported that it was “somewhat difficult” to find a suitable candidate – an additional 29% claimed it was “very difficult.”


The Public Cloud, Pigeons and Risk Management: Part 1

2 days ago

Risk Management When Your Life Depends on It: On what basis do we make risk choices? When in an unfamiliar retail store, and facing a POS terminal whose design one has never seen before, what reassures the average person that it is safe to swipe their card and type their PIN into that machine?  Worse, even if the POS machine is a familiar design, what is the rational basis for assuming it adequately protects card details?  It certainly looks like a solid piece of hardware, but is it really?  I regularly challenge people on this point, and the sad answer is usually a blank stare.  Is that even a question?  It should be, surely?  But what if the stakes are higher?   What if the stakes are someone’s – or in this case something’s – life?


Change your mindset – YOU are the attacker

2 days ago

It seems that for many years , actually probably forever, security professionals have behaved in a totally reactive way when it come to data breaches. For example, if a breach was identified and it was determined that it was an issue with user education then the team would try to educate the user. This whole model is flawed as we are behaving and acting like victims because we really can’t see the who, what, when, where and why of attacks that we are going to be targeted with. We need to move from defense to offence when it comes to protecting ourselves. To be in the mindset of an attacker you need to have answers to the following fundamental questions:


Got an Extra $40,000 Lying Around? Carberp is Back on the Market!

5 days ago

Not two weeks after Citadel’s vendor and spokesperson got banned from the largest Russian-speaking cybercrime community, members from the Carberp Trojan team have resurfaced, scurrying to capture some of the underground limelight. In a surprising move that came about earlier this week, team Carberp decided to offer their Trojan to cybercriminals for monthly usage fees ranging from $2,000 to $10,000 per month depending on the number of modules and plugins desired.


The Digital Universe and the Smart Grid

5 days ago

Among the materials associated with their just-released report on the Digital Universe, IDC has just posted a new YouTube video of John Gantz and David Reinsel, called “The Digital Universe and the Internet of Things,” discussing the implications of this massive explosion of data. John mentions the Smart Grid as an example of machine-generated information. The conclusions he draws about the security implications of the data explosion in general regarding security and privacy certainly apply to Smart Grid.


The Biggest Thing The PCI Council Can Do

6 days ago

The PCI Council has been pretty influential in our lives since its inception on September 7, 2006. They were handed control of the PCI Data Security Standard and have turned it into a cascading group of standards that govern (or recommend controls) for nearly every aspect of payment acceptance and processing. So it almost seems like this PCI problem is sort of solved, doesn’t it?


Where IT happens….is where I’m going.

7 days ago

The past 7 years have been some of great change in my career. Always one to just kinda “go with the flow” and see what interested me, these past few years have been different. In 2005 I was bugging people about VMware. I had used it sporadically in a previous job and saw the value right away for security. In 2009, I decided to do something about it and through some serious pushing and a very interesting chance meeting, I became RSA’s virtualization evangelist. (and an honorary vSpecialist!)


Investing in Information Security for the Digital Universe

7 days ago

IDC has just released an important new study by John Gantz and David Reinsel on The Digital Universe in 2020 that includes an important discussion of the security and privacy implications for the explosion of data in the digital universe. As the report calls out, “The rise in mobility and participation in social networks, the increasing willingness to share more and more data, new technology that captures more data about data, and the growing business around Big Data all have at least one assured outcome — the need for information security.”



5. The Backup Window – 360° view of backup and recovery


Making your list and checking it twice

5 days ago

Making your list and checking it twice.  It’s that time of year again – where does the time go?  A friend and I were talking and the conversation ended up being that her husband always buys her things he thinks she needs, like a vacuum cleaner.  Not exactly on her top 5 list of what she wants for Christmas.  Do you make an assumption on what to buy for gifts or do you do inventory first (which is probably a good idea)?  How many times have you found that your company owns more than one software package that performs nearly the same function?  I often wonder, for example, how many NetWorker customers are not aware of all the features available to them in the modules that they already own.



6. EMC IT Proven – Leading our IT Transformation


Keeping the Bad Guys on the Run: Working Together to Neutralize Cyber Threats

5 days ago

Threat intelligence is king. The more you have, the better positioned you are to protect your organization from cyber attacks. But staying on top of threat intelligence to fight these sophisticated attackers requires a new, collaborative approach to security—one that most companies and organizations haven’t embraced as yet.


EMC Point of View: Capitalizing on Cloud

7 days ago

EMC President and COO Howard Elias and EMC Chief Information Officer Sanjay Mirchandani discuss how EMC’s IT organization has evolved its technology, people and processes to truly capitalizing on cloud computing, including its mission critical line of business systems.



7. InFocus – EMC Global Services Blog


What is Active/Active, and How Can it Improve Business Continuity?

2 days ago

Lately I’ve had several conversations with clients who have asked about Active/Active architectures and how they can be used to transform existing disaster recovery strategies.  Since many companies can benefit from an Active/Active approach, I would like to take some time to discuss the architectures that I typically include in my discussion.


Big Data Starting Path Traps

2 days ago

At a recent CIO Executive Summit with over 90 CIOs in Chicago, I stated that I thought that we were entering Phase 3 of the Big Data journey, where:

  • Phase 1 was the Big Data Educational phase, with folks reading magazines and blogs, and attending conferences to learn more about what is big data
  • Phase 2 was Big Data Experimentation, where folks would install a “big data technology” like Hadoop and start playing with the technology to gain some hands-on experience
  • Phase 3 is Big Data Business Transformation where IT and the business collaborate to identify opportunities to exploit big data to power the organization’s key business initiatives


The EMC Academic Alliance: A “Fantasy Project”

6 days ago

EMC recently announced it has partnered with more than 1,000 colleges and universities, to date, to help educate the next generation of IT professionals and fill the industry skills gap.  But what was the genesis of the EMC Academic Alliance program, and why is the program so important?  Storage technology, an important pillar of information technology, was being ignored by academia for a long time.  Back in 2005, we reached out to as many universities and colleges around the world as we could, and interviewed faculty members about their technology curricula.


You Wanna Be a Rock Star?

6 days ago

Welcome to my blog.  I have dedicated my career to helping companies develop strategies to protect and improve the availability of their applications and data.  What has excited me recently is Continuous Availability (CA), an IT strategy that enables companies to transform the way they handle availability in their data centers and with their applications.  The companies I have worked with in implementing this approach have been able to reduce their server count by 28 to 40%.


Predictions Are Risky Business

6 days ago

I recently read an article, Data Decisions: You Can’t Be Held Responsible (Or Can You?) that brings up an interesting question. Are Data Scientists responsible for their predictions, or are these predictions just another tool for the decision makers? I often refer to what my team does as “decision support,” which puts me in the second camp. I agree with what author Renee Boucher Ferguson reports:


Digital Universe Study Underscores Skills Gap for Big Data

7 days ago

IDC’s Digital Universe study, “Big Data, Bigger Digital Shadows, and Biggest Growth in the Far East,” monitors the growth of digital data, and shows that data continues to grow, both in its raw number and in its rate.  Even more so than a year ago, we are seeing the explosion of digital information, driven by social data, sensor data, and the Internet of Things, accelerate at an ever-increasing pace.


I just love lists, particularly about predictions

7 days ago

Forrester’s Nick Heath has some predictions about how cloud computing might change in the coming year: 10 ways cloud computing will change in 2013 | ZDNet.  I like a good stake in the ground, so let’s set a reminder for June and see who’s pick-list was closer.  This is a nice distraction from reprinting old Christmas letters.  My thoughts, by the numbers…



8. Managed View – From Silos to Services


Extend Virtual Data Center Visibility With EMC Smarts

7 days ago

Have you ever wished you had a better way to fix a problem? Writing this post made me think about my meeting today with a data center manager who was looking for a better way to manage his pre-packaged VCE Vblock systems with his non-Vblock VMware environment. He needed a complete view of the entire environment to enable his administrators to work through issues. The Vblocks alone were less of a concern because of the tight integration of compute, networking, and storage. But, the VMware virtual machines (VMs) accessing other storage were more problematic. Occasionally, when VMs or storage got reallocated via vMotion, the resulting configurations would be askew, impacting the availability and performance of virtualized applications or services.



9. Cloud Matters – Ideas, observations and stories about the journey to cloud computing


The Cool of Big Data

5 days ago

It’s Big. Now it’s also very cool. If you’ve been grappling with a clear understanding of Big Data it can certainly be confusing. And depending how geeky you are – or aren’t – “cool” is probably not the first descriptor that comes to mind.  But you have to see this, The Human Face of Big Data. You may have heard about this project, which has been underway for several months.  It puts the concept of Big Data in practical and personal terms, then connects it to global scale.



10. Virtual Geek – an insider's perspective, technical tips n' tricks in the era of the VMware Revolution


VMAX and vSphere VAAI XCOPY update!

1 day ago

All – as everyone is realizing, while “VAAI support” is a tickbox for storage vendors – vendor implementations vary wildly, and that means different things all over the place.  I’ve done a series of webcasts that dive deep into the VNX VAAI implementations (hereherehere), stuff on the VAAI TP reclaim (here), VMAX and VAAI (here) and updates on the NFS VAAI assists (here).  Some of those articles are now obsolete (this remains a difficult topic – how to handle older posts?) – but highlight how dynamic this space is.



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