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Steven Goddard

Weekly Digest of what EMC's bloggers have been writing about 09/01/13, courtesy of @mattbuckley

1. Reflections – EMC Executives Report From The Road


Information Security Shake Up: What to Expect in 2013

2 days ago

By Eddie Schwartz, Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer, RSA

The Security for Business Innovation Council (SBIC) just released a new special trend report titled, “Information Security Shake-Up” containing predictions for continued cyber security turmoil in 2013.  The report assesses how innovations such as big data analytics, cloud computing, enterprise mobility, and social media are rapidly transforming the way enterprises conduct business, will change the face of IT, and will greatly impact the foundation of information security strategies.


Unleashing Corporate Innovation

7 days ago

By Sheryl Chamberlain, Senior Director, Office of the CTO

In today’s world, large corporations are embracing open innovation through new partnerships, entrepreneurial spirit, and existing capabilities.  Open innovation expands the potential sources of innovation far beyond the bounds of any single organization with the explicit purpose of accelerating internal innovation and expanding markets for external use of innovation.  In this new world, corporations are better positioned to innovate as they create new communities conducive to collaboration and open thinking. The impact is enormous as organizations foster the development of transformational cultures and invest in the talent needed to cultivate this new paradigm.



2. Storagezilla


How to rig the game when asking for new software features.

6 days ago

One of the biggest time wasters I’ve come across in my working life are meetings. That’s not to say meetings aren’t important, they are, but when badly run they’re torture. Meetings with your co-workers or partners or customers are very important but meetings shouldn’t be about deciding things, the decision making process at the top is much less public than anything you’ll ever see presented in a meeting format, so meetings should be about communicating what’s already been decided and taking feedback on that and/or assigning tasks to carry out the decisions that have been made.



3. Speaking of Security, the RSA Blog and Podcast – featuring a group of experts in identity management, encryption, privacy, policy, and enterprise security standards.


The move to an intelligence-driven security model

1 day ago

Albert Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Reflect on that for a moment. For the past 10 years, the Internet has become a ubiquitous form of communication. Growth of digital content and use of mobile devices have soared, organizations have opened their infrastructures to enhance productivity and, for our reflection on Einstein’s quote, as nation states, criminals and hacktivists have taken obscene advantage of all of us.


Want to Save the Universe?

1 day ago

I like Star Trek. I’ve always wanted to be Captain Kirk (had to pick one…Picard is great too) sitting in that chair on the bridge of the Enterprise with seemingly endless resources at my disposal with a mission to protect the universe. I’m not giving up, but that’s probably not going to happen. However, I do get a bit of the same thrill as I have the opportunity to work in the Critical Incident Response Center lab we have set up at RSA for research and demonstration purposes.


Next Generation Security Operations: Part 1

6 days ago

What does this mean as we head into 2013? It means that the “incident response” plans that were drawn up, tested, implemented and put up on the shelf a few years ago are not prepared for this new battleground. Security threats – from hacktivists to criminal organizations to state entities – have more tools, techniques and attack vectors than ever before.


The SBIC 2013 Trends Report

6 days ago

Today the Security for Business Innovation Council (SBIC) released their 2013 Trends Report which is chocked full of lots of great stuff for security professionals to consider as they begin to tackle the challenges this year will bring. While this report is not like anything the SBIC has released in the past, the four key findings are quite compelling and true to much of what my mission has been over the last several years.


The Public Cloud, Pigeons and Risk Management — Part 2

6 days ago

Many readers will be familiar with the concept of a cognitive bias. A cognitive bias is an irrational decision made because of a “bias” or mental short cut. Sam Curry has written on this subject previously, as it applies to multi-factor authentication. It is theorized that cognitive biases may have once provided mental short cuts in certain high-risk situations, giving early humans a time advantage in survival situations.


2013 Security Resolutions

7 days ago

Now that the Mayan calendar gives us until October 13, 4772, we have some time to focus on 2013 in earnest. As I was thinking of my resolutions for 2013, I thought I’d compile some of the things that I predict will be on the resolution list for many organizations in the New Year.



4. The Backup Window – 360° view of backup and recovery


Five Strategies for Making Resolutions Stick in 2013

2 days ago

According to Jeremy Dean, a research psychologist at University College London, “most resolutions are too vague, too hard and too spontaneous” and that’s why we often struggle to keep them. However, there are things we can do to improve our chances of success, even two weeks or more into the New Year. Specifically, Dean says five strategies can help:


Converged Infrastructure…Is Only As Good As Your Converged Backup

5 days ago

We all have been following the trends over the last ten years towards a converged infrastructure, and the many features and benefits pertaining to it. According to Wikipedia, converged infrastructure can serve as an enabling platform for private and public cloud computing services, including Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS),Software as a Service(SaaS), and Backup as a Service (BaaS) offerings. And according to Wikibon, by 2017 2/3 of IT infrastructure will be deployed through converged offerings. Check out the below Wikibon infographic for a brief overview of converged infrastructure and the key companies involved in this market:



5. EMC IT Proven – Leading our IT Transformation


EMC Security Chief Highlights New Strategies to Meet Big Impact IT Trends for 2013

6 days ago

New, advanced technologies continue to provide a faster, more agile environment. But those technologies – cloud computing, mobile platforms, Big Data and social media – can widen the exposure companies face to potential security threats. To help companies remain proactive in their security measures, the latest Security for Business Innovation Council (SBIC) report titled, “Information Security Shake-Up: Disruptive Innovations to Test Security’s Mettle in 2013,” offers a forward-looking analysis of the new enterprise threats in 2013, and recommendations for how security teams can limit risk.


EMC CIO Sanjay Mirchandani Discusses Evolving Model for IT-as-a-Service

7 days ago

EMC CIO Sanjay Mirchandani and his team have led the company’s charge toward IT-as-a-Service, a more agile business analytics framework and the overall global transformation of EMC IT. Sanjay has worked at the forefront of an effort that has allowed EMC to reduce its spending on equipment, power, space [Capex] and operating expenditures by more than $223 million to date, while simultaneously overseeing EMC’s seven Global Centers of Excellence (U.S., China, India, Israel, Russia, Ireland and Egypt).



6. InFocus – EMC Global Services Blog


2013: Cloudy With a Chance of Growth

2 days ago

As 2012 comes to a close, the entire EMC family would like to reflect on all that we have accomplished within the IT industry for our shareholders, customers, partners and employees. EMC Professional Services continued to play an important role in our customers’ growth and success. While continuing to deliver best in class services globally for our products and solutions, we’ve also extended the value we are able to bring to our customers in the areas of Cloud, Big Data and Trust.


Magnifying Your Analytic Insights Through The Lens Of Another Industry’s Best Practices

2 days ago

Hello 2013!  I hope that everyone had a great holiday season.  As we launch into 2013, one of the things that I see consistently is the opportunity to share analytic best practices across different industries.  There are certain analytic skills, capabilities, and models that some industries have mastered, which other industries could leverage.  Let me share an example.  Applying Big Data to the Oil and Gas Industry...


Capacity Planning for Your Virtual Data Center and Cloud

6 days ago

Common reasons for businesses to embrace virtualization and cloud are the ability to provision VMs (virtual machines) on demand and to achieve scalability to meet changing capacity requirements. However, in order to achieve these capabilities, organizations must establish a strong capacity management practice.  Virtualization and cloud computing are not going to conjure up magic for organizations that instantly solve all their capacity and scalability challenges.  IT still needs to plan, forecast, manage and optimize existing or new virtual resource pools or cloud computing resources.



7. Managed View – From Silos to Services


Storage Resource Management Without Spreadsheets

5 days ago

Excel spreadsheets were not intended for storage administrators tracking capacity utilization and needs, but targeted rather towards accountants and others working with numbers.  Out of necessity, however, spreadsheets have become the tool of the trade for understanding the storage landscape. Many EMC customers tell me, even with this method, they are still flying blindly with only a stove pipe view of their storage use and availability.



8. Cloud Matters – Ideas, observations and stories about the journey to cloud computing


The Book

5 days ago

When I first downloaded the "Big Data App" I excitedly shared some of the fun examples with my son. Then my iPad went missing for a bit while he explored on his own. It's addictive. Now I have the book "The Human Face of Big Data." and that's addictive too. Some content covers topics that appear in the App. However the book has more and also adds a very neat viewer for any page that contains a key symbol. Download the viewer and point it at the page to automatically load a video on the given topic.



9. Virtual Geek – an insider's perspective, technical tips n' tricks in the era of the VMware Revolution


vCloud 5.1 Suite Home Lab - circa 2013

5 days ago

Those of you that know me know that my deepest, darkest fear is becoming a talking head, a bureaucrat, or that most evil of corporate types – the politician.  In my work life as I move into more and more senior roles at EMC – some of that stuff comes with the territory, but god help me if it comes to define me.  I find that maintaining the necessary pace for work (and a work life balance of a sort) requires a “sprint/rest… sprint/rest” pattern.  This was coaching I got once from a great mentor and coach here at EMC – Frank Hauck.



10. EMC Consulting Blogs


User stories produce better quality results

1 day ago

As a BA I want to provide requirements that are concise as possible. If requirements are not concise enough this can lead to costly changes to a solution. I intend to demonstrate this by comparing user stories with requirements and highlighting why user stories provide higher quality results. By doing so I hope to persuade you why user stories deliver better solutions.


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