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Steven Goddard

Weekly Digest of what EMC's bloggers have been writing about 06/02/13, via @mattbuckley

1. Reflections – EMC Executives Report From The Road


Security Analytics: The New Model

1 day ago

By Art Coviello, Executive Vice President, EMC and Executive Chairman, RSA, The Security Division of EMC 

I love technology. I like thinking about it. I like talking about it. And I love leading the technology company, RSA, that works so hard to be a force for good in our technology world. In addition, I am lucky to have a parent company, EMC that is a force multiplier, and leading the way to the cloud and Big Data. From time to time you have to pause and take stock of where we are, where we’ve been, where we’re going and why we do what we do. So where are we taking technology or, perhaps, where is technology taking us?


The Predictive Enterprise (Part 1)  

6 days ago

By Annika Jimenez, Senior Director, Analytics Solutions at Greenplum

Big Data is the latest technology wave impacting C-Level executives across all areas of business, but amid the hype, there remains confusion about what it all means. Big Data emphasizes volume, diversification, low latencies, and ubiquity, whereas data science introduces new terms including, predictive modeling, machine learning, parallelized and in-database algorithms, Map Reduce, and model operationalization. Instead, I want to emphasize a more important point regarding this new vernacular: It infers an evolution beyond the traditional rigid output of aggregated data: business intelligence.



2. Storagezilla


Dell: Slash burn.  

1 day ago

While Michael Dell might be crowing like a cockerel at taking his company private the question for Dell customers should to be this… Now carrying an extra $15 billion in debt, what’s Dell going to slash & burn first? With new creditors to be paid what’s Dell going to stop investing in? You can put all this talk Mike is floating about new acquisitions aside, anything Dell might have been able to afford they could have bought as a public company and the bottom line is that Dell will owe it’s gang of four bankers $15B tomorrow which it did not owe them yesterday.


Sync share. For anyone. For everyone.  

6 days ago

Having spent some time speaking to customers, partners and distributors across Europe I wasn’t surprised by the… cautious... approach Europeans have to sync & share. It’s not enough to have a data center ‘in the region’, Europeans want that data center to be down the road. And if we can show up and take a tour, grab a coffee and have a biscuit we’ll do that too. That’s why the full ‘as a service’ sync & share offerings will do business with a certain customers but will find others to be impenetrable. In this case you’re not selling an idea, you’re trying to change a culture and while ideas come and go culture lasts for generations. So what do you do to fit into the culture?



3. Information Playground – Global High-Tech Innovation


When Right is Wrong

7 days ago

In my recent post How to Get the Wrong Answer, I stated that analytic correctness (e.g. the "right answer") increases when large volumes of data are highly varied. Analytic correctness also has a corollary statement: the right answer is wrong if it takes too long too calculate. A good example of this corollary can be found in high-tech security.



4. Speaking of Security, the RSA Blog and Podcast – featuring a group of experts in identity management, encryption, privacy, policy, and enterprise security standards.


“What’s your question?” – Next Generation Analysis in the Compromise Landscape

1 day ago

Threat analysts, as a general rule, are often concerned with the minutiae of the day-to-day threat landscape.  Who was hacked this week?  Do we have malware involved for this incident? Do we have indicators for the incident?  What about exploits?  Do we need patches?  This is all key information related to properly defending a network, but often, taking a step back and looking at the environment holistically PRIOR to the incident helps to understand where the gaps may be.


The Iris System: Tidying Up Under the Rug

2 days ago

Virtualization helps conceal hardware complexity, one of its many benefits for programmers and administrators. But it’s also a rug under which security and reliability concerns can be all too easily swept. Here’s a simple example. Suppose that a file system replicates data across two storage devices to prevent data loss in the advent of a drive crash. If these storage devices are virtual, they can well reside on the same physical hard drive. One physical drive crash, then, will wipe out the file system. RSA Labs has a long-term research program that aims to restore to both service providers and tenants the security visibility concealed by virtualization and cloud migration.


The New OASIS PKCS 11 Technical Committee

2 days ago

As I mentioned in an earlier blog, RSA is transitioning the PKCS #11 standards effort into OASIS. The call for participation for the new OASIS PKCS 11 Technical Committee has now officially gone out from OASIS leadership, describing the process for joining the TC. The new public page for the PKCS 11 TC provides information regarding our first meeting on March 4th, as well as the goals, charter and other information about the committee. If you’re interested in cryptographic capabilities and cryptographic interfaces, I hope you’ll consider joining the PKCS 11 TC.


Prevent and Predict Attacks

2 days ago

When it comes to defending our networks we have to be right 100% of the time but a cybercriminal has to be right just once. We must shift this balance if we are ever going to be in a position to truly protect and defend our networks. In fact, defence is probably no longer appropriate because it is not enough we need to be in a position to stop the attacks and even predict attacks. Predict attacks you say? How?


The Hacks Get Hacked and Their Passwords Get Dumped

5 days ago

On January 30, the New York Times acknowledged that it had been a victim of a security breach.  The Times claims this was the result of a long, targeted attack allegedly committed by attackers located in China to gain access to corporate email and data.  Now it’s also coming out that the Wall Street Journal and Washington Post were also compromised in similar attacks for similar reasons.


Realizing all the Promises of Mobility

6 days ago

The SBIC has produced a new report that is mobile centric called “Realizing the Mobile Enterprise.”  The council builds on data.  In this case, it builds on a fascinating series of online polls that show a rapid litmus-like test of the mobile landscape and, in particular, the degree to which “the enterprise” (an interesting notion in itself, but more on that later) and security are both embracing and adjusting to all things mobile.  Some interesting answers popped up…


The Big Data Security Analytics Era Is Here

7 days ago

My blog today reflects on newly published research from Jon Oltsik at ESG (from whom I borrowed the title of this blog), which covers the collision of advanced threats, security monitoring, SIEM, big data technologies and techniques, and organizational security maturity.  In the paper Jon clearly brings forward his argument – with which I completely agree – that security threats have changed and thus the tools used and approaches for defense need to change significantly. 



5. Big Data Transforms Business


RSA Leverages Big Data to Detect and Investigate Security Threats

7 days ago

As cyber attacks become more advanced and damaging, organizations are looking to integrate Big Data tools and techniques into their security operations to optimize threat detection and investigation. Organizations can no longer rely on traditional security systems that monitor and analyze only a slice of information from a portion of their environment. Nor can organizations depend on traditional perimeter or signature based systems, as they have not been able to stop today’s more sophisticated attackers.



6. The Backup Window – 360° view of backup and recovery


This Is Your Brain on Tape Backup

5 days ago

Is your old fashioned and unreliable tape based backup infrastructure giving you serious headaches?   Are your backups extending further and further into production windows?  Are you worried what the auditors are going to say if they find out about those backup tapes that got lost? There is a simple way to fix all of this.  Replace your old-fashioned tape-based backups with backups to deduplicated disk storage.  The results will amaze you and your brain will be thrilled with all the benefits you will get. Let your brain relax and focus on more important things. 



7. EMC IT Proven – Leading our IT Transformation


EMC IT Takes a Holistic Approach to Optimizing Business Capabilities

1 day ago

Planning our EMC IT strategy to meet the company’s future business capability requirements is a lot like planning for the future growth of a city. Road improvements, for example, need to link to traffic and development patterns and not conflict with sewer or water line installation. As EMC’s business has become more complex, EMC IT has been striving to work closely with business units in a similarly holistic approach to map out what capabilities they need and how IT can support them.



8. Thought Feast – The technology blog to feed your brain with industry trends and topics


IT Transformation – What We’ve Missed (Part 3)  

1 day ago

In the 3rd party of this series, it should be understood that Lady Backup does not consider a backup an archive. As my colleagues know, I will strongly argue with anyone who considers backup tapes to be an archive. Now that you understand that, what are the main things you should think about with an archiving solution?


Government ICT 2013 – Part 1

5 days ago

The Government ICT Conference 2013 in the QEII Conference Centre kicked off the event season with traditional gusto and the key themes were focused on delivering change, supporting the Government’s reform agenda and enabling the delivery of more efficient public services.  All worthy themes but the core challenge still seems to be how can the public sector tackle some of the more intransigent issues that Chris Chant identified in his ‘unacceptable IT is pervasive’ blog post in early 2011.


IT Transformation – What We’ve Missed (Part 2)  

7 days ago

Picking up from last week, Lady Backup asserts that there is a key enabler in IT transformation that we haven’t paid enough attention to: archiving.  Archiving has a key value to play in lower your IT costs, improving your user experience and managing risk for your organization.  Let’s look at the 3 key benefits of archiving in more detail: Benefit 1: Archiving increases operational efficiency. Benefit 2: Archiving improves end user productivity. Benefit 3: Archiving consistently manages retention policies.



9. InFocus – EMC Global Services Blog


Dear EMC Customers: Please Don’t Thank us for Asking

1 day ago

In his free ebook, The 6 Laws Of Customer Experience: The Fundamental Truths That Define How Organizations Treat Customers, Bruce Temkin describes six laws of customer experience. Law #1, Every Action Creates a Personal Reaction, highlights the importance of personally understanding your customers. He describes several implications of this law, but I wanted to specifically touch on a couple of them in this post. I also recommend taking a look at the details of all six laws.


The Not-So-Dreaded Annual Review: A Checklist for Data Success

2 days ago

At the beginning of every year, I like to take inventory of everything we are doing with our workforce-generated data. Below is a checklist and underlying questions I think everyone who relies on data-driven decision-making should review on an annual basis. Hopefully you stuck to your data resolutions last year and are already in good shape! I’m looking at my world on the IT services side (specifically customer service and professional services) but I feel much of this applies to almost any area.


Transforming IT to a Service Broker

2 days ago

Transformation is a high priority for many IT organizations these days, but it’s important to remember the ultimate purpose for transformation is to deliver value to the business.  This means that IT needs to focus on what the business needs, not just on what will make IT more efficient and cost-effective. What the business needs is often measured in terms of increased revenue by faster time to market with new products and services.


Moving Technology with the Times

6 days ago

Time flies ….. Did we just ring in the New Year? The whole month of January flew by in a blink of the eye.  In today’s high-speed everything, hyper-accelerated world, time is ever more compressed, especially with all things technology.  We are seeing the continuing momentum behind social, mobile and analytics, which are in play at every major industry sector.  And all the while, financial service firms are trying to figure out how to catch up, to keep up, and to take the lead.


Capacity Planning for your Virtual Data Center and Cloud – Part 2

7 days ago

In this 2nd part of my blog on capacity planning, we shall look at the steps to implementing Capacity Management for your Virtual Data Center and Cloud. Many IT organizations have used virtualization and cloud to paint a visionary picture of agile, on-demand and cost-efficient IT that will meet changing business requirements for their business users. While this is possible, many IT organizations by now should have realized that at the heart of this capability is capacity management.



10. Managed View – From Silos to Services


Platform-As-A-Service For The Enterprise

5 days ago

Is platform-as-a-service (PaaS) relevant to the enterprise? Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) offers small organizations compute, network, and storage resources on par with the IT capabilities afforded previously to only larger, well-capitalized organizations. Now, PaaS has the potential of taking this IT on-demand concept a step further with applications and services. IaaS was first popularized by Amazon Web Services (AWS).



11. Virtual Geek – an insider's perspective, technical tips n' tricks in the era of the VMware Revolution


EMC Partners - our internal kickoff content - OPEN FOR YOU!  

5 days ago

Those of you that know me, know that I truly, fundamentally believe in the power of openness and transparency.  You also know that I’m a fan of a simple rule, a simple axiom that leads to good partnering: “Anything that is available for EMC internally, I think should be open to our EMC Velocity Partners”.  I’m not claiming I’m Gandhi here :-)   This statement to me is a statement of the blindingly obvious.   2012 was a year of a lot of learning for me – the power of the bully pulpit when you are a leader is you CANNOT reach down and affect directly, but you can set tone, and guide direction – and man, it can move a lot.



12. EMC Consulting Blogs


Big Data Storymap

6 days ago

Bill Schmarzo created this "Big Data Storymap" which clients can use to see where they are in Big Data journey.  Instead of just posting blog with regular static image, we created a new functionality and integrated Prezi interactive tool , so readers can literally scroll thru the story map (zoom in and out) and also click on specific links within storymap that take them to EMC collateral, other blogs, etc.


Agile - Business Practice or Business Procedure

7 days ago

I have been asked at least once whether I would describe Scrum as a process. My answer was something like “it’s a framework” a “very high-level process” but I don’t think that was helpful. It occurred to me recently that a more helpful explanation of the distinction between Agile processes and some other development processes would be to use the definitions of Business Practices and Business Procedures.




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