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  • SSIS Nugget: Output the number of processed rows

    Here's a handy little tip for when you are building custom destination components or script destination components that enables you to log the number of processed rows. Have you ever seen that handy little message that appears in your logs that tells you how many rows arrived at a destination component? It looks a little like ...
    Posted to SSIS Junkie (Weblog) by jamie.thomson on July 3, 2007
  • SSIS Nugget: Verify a data source before using it

    As some of you may know I've been writing about SSIS on this blog for a lon-n-n-n-n-g time now. Too long it seems sometimes. In all that time though I've only had one short client engagement using the product which means that my real-world experience is somewhat limited. Studying something is all well and good but there's nothing quite like ...
    Posted to SSIS Junkie (Weblog) by jamie.thomson on October 10, 2005
  • SSIS Nugget: Multiple outputs from a synchronous script transform

    It is generally accepted that a synchronous script component outputs the same number of rows as are input. Well I have news for you, this doesn't have to be the case. If you have a synchronous script component with multiple outputs then you can choose to send each input row to many or none of these outputs. As a result it is possible to have a ...
    Posted to SSIS Junkie (Weblog) by jamie.thomson on September 5, 2005
  • SSIS Nugget: The difference between synchronous and asynchronous script components

    UPDATE: Check out kdog's useful comments at the bottom as well! Script components can either be synchronous or asynchronous. There are a number of definitions about the difference between the two including a description that I posted back in February. I thought it would be useful to demonstrate the difference between synchronous and ...
    Posted to SSIS Junkie (Weblog) by jamie.thomson on July 25, 2005
  • SSIS Nugget: The script component and regular expressions

    Another quick nugget here to demonstrate Regular Expressions. For those that don't know, regular expressions are a nifty way of matching incoming textual values to a required format. Probably best that I don't try and explain it any more. Read on... One of the classic demo uses of regular expressions is to examine a UK postcode to see if it ...
    Posted to SSIS Junkie (Weblog) by jamie.thomson on July 4, 2005
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