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  • The Enterprise Social Fabric: Putting next-generation collaboration to work

    IT’S A DIGITAL LIFEPeople in the 21st Century increasingly perceive themselves and each other through their“digital selves.” The digital self, which can be made up of avatars, blogs, profiles, posts,tweets, videos, images, statuses, likes, check-ins, badges—and much more—communicates,transacts, and interacts with others in a “social fabric” of ...
    Posted to Diary Of A Madman (Weblog) by Derek.Dunlop on May 30, 2012
  • {Follow Up} Why Entertainment Industry still has Digital all wrong - Midem 2012

    Thanks to all of you that have emailed me regarding my post, I do enjoy the emails that I receive from around the world - and there were a number of questions posed that I decided to add as a supplement Blog post to the original post from yesterday... First off, questions around the iTunes image that was posted... I used to live in the ...
    Posted to Diary Of A Madman (Weblog) by Derek.Dunlop on January 12, 2012
  • Why Entertainment Industry still has Digital all wrong - Midem 2012

    With Midem  only two weeks away, the South of France will again, be a stage for the music industry to work itself into a frenzy to figure out the best route forward into discovering how to rescue itself from the brink of its own self-importance/ destruction. I’ve attended, spoke & networked through many of these events in ...
    Posted to Diary Of A Madman (Weblog) by Derek.Dunlop on January 11, 2012
  • 2012 Search: Who will find you & how?

    In 2011 Google did the unthinkable or for a lot of people, the “about time” by dropping their all new Panda algorithm that would change the old school way that it had spidered and indexed sites previously. This in part was a pre-cursor for Google+ and more social results, but more importantly to weed out and drop the spam and poor content that ...
    Posted to Diary Of A Madman (Weblog) by Derek.Dunlop on January 4, 2012
  • Innovate..Evolve..or become irrelevant (Baby Boomers vs Gen X)

    The world is a very different place than what it was 20 years ago!Nice opening statement from the ‘school of the bloody obvious’ isn’t it?Well you would think so, 20 years ago back in 1991 we were a very different breed, we had a taster of technology that would eventually help revolutionize our way of life, supported through wire-free networks and ...
    Posted to Diary Of A Madman (Weblog) by Derek.Dunlop on November 4, 2011
  • The Cloud in 2008 (including iCloud ?)

    What is great about running a blog for almost 5 years, is you can look back and see if you were accurate in your thinking and future strategy planning, or not. Back in August 2008, I wrote a couple of pieces around the emerging Cloud trend. Fast forward to 2011, you can't go anywhere without hearing anyone's thoughts, views or own service in the ...
    Posted to Diary Of A Madman (Weblog) by Derek.Dunlop on June 27, 2011
  • Cloud Computing is a Consulting Business

    In a world where growth is scarce, a small glimmer of growth is hidden in the analyst predictions that cloud computing will continue to grow more than any other technology in the IT sector in 2010.  How this will happen and who will be spending the money may not be clear, but cloud computing technologies are (increasingly at the cost of ...
    Posted to Simon Munro (Weblog) by simon.munro on January 4, 2010
  • Losing your Individualism and Personal Expression – or just Learn, Play & Perform?

    After listening to a member of London Symphony Orchestra on BBC Radio 3 last week about the stress and pressure that the musicians were under as part of the LSO, it got me thinking about how as a musician, and specifically either a session musician or member of an orchestra (which in essence is a glorified session musician - however being part of ...
    Posted to Diary Of A Madman (Weblog) by Derek.Dunlop on April 15, 2009
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