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  • The Enterprise Social Fabric: Putting next-generation collaboration to work

    IT’S A DIGITAL LIFEPeople in the 21st Century increasingly perceive themselves and each other through their“digital selves.” The digital self, which can be made up of avatars, blogs, profiles, posts,tweets, videos, images, statuses, likes, check-ins, badges—and much more—communicates,transacts, and interacts with others in a “social fabric” of ...
    Posted to Diary Of A Madman (Weblog) by Derek.Dunlop on May 30, 2012
  • 2012 Search: Who will find you & how?

    In 2011 Google did the unthinkable or for a lot of people, the “about time” by dropping their all new Panda algorithm that would change the old school way that it had spidered and indexed sites previously. This in part was a pre-cursor for Google+ and more social results, but more importantly to weed out and drop the spam and poor content that ...
    Posted to Diary Of A Madman (Weblog) by Derek.Dunlop on January 4, 2012
  • 2011 Review & 2012 Road Ahead

    2011 ended pretty much as it began, and at the same lightening speed... seems to be true what your parents and grand parents tell you, that the older you get the quicker the time passes, and this year seemed to go particularly fast, well in this bloggers opinion at least! 2011 saw a number of key events, and one of those was the inevitable ...
    Posted to Diary Of A Madman (Weblog) by Derek.Dunlop on January 2, 2012
  • The Social Revolution and The Social Evolution

    We live in a connected planet - one world, one voice? Perhaps not, but technology has enabled a wider reaching voice, a voice of the previously muted, gagged, censored... but no more. What has technology unleashed? A torrent of people round the world sharing images, stories, support, freedom and some heartfelt plea's, but not for money, but to ...
    Posted to Diary Of A Madman (Weblog) by Derek.Dunlop on June 24, 2011
  • More Music & Technology stuff... Facebook vs MySpace

    What else is bubbling away in the darkened beanbags in Silicon Valley that is blending the Geek thinking with your average consumer of social stuff... Facebook  developers have been busy creating some great applications and platform developments, as they continue to rally to Mark Zuckerberg's vision of Facebook being the next pervasive ...
    Posted to Diary Of A Madman (Weblog) by Derek.Dunlop on April 5, 2011
  • Facebook knocks Google off top spot in the US

    Are Americans now more likely to rely on their friends to maneuver the vast possibilities of the online world, rather than begin with their own search wording on google? 

Thatis one of the implications of a report from Internet research company Hitwise, which found that for the first time ever Facebook passed Google as the most visited site in ...
    Posted to Experience Planning Blog (Weblog) by Anonymous on March 18, 2010
  • Social Media Networks & Communication Services: When do you engage and How?

    At what point do retailers embrace the social shopping sphere? From reviews, comments, payments, marketing and brand voice, where and how do they begin? There are so many social networks and sites here today gone tomorrow that retailers and brands are  concerned that there either too late, too early or will waste their money on something that ...
    Posted to Diary Of A Madman (Weblog) by Derek.Dunlop on July 3, 2009
  • @everyone: Twitter, Twitter, Twitter, Twitter #Twitter

    The world I work in goes through phases of interest in a variety of themes (you could call them ‘fads’ but they’re not), services, or trends. In 2007 it was Second Life, in 2008 it was Facebook, in 2009 it is Twitter. These phases of interest have a lifecycle: low adoption, early interest – we start playing with something and start to ...
    Posted to Ergo (Weblog) by Paul.Dawson on June 3, 2009
  • The site you never want to see : contingency planning

      I’m not going to say much about this, as it’s not really material to make a lot of in a company blog; but I did want to record these pages, because you thankfully very rarely see it. Before I do, my sympathies, respect and thoughts go to all of the families of passengers and crew as well as those searching for flight AF447 and to the ...
    Posted to Ergo (Weblog) by Paul.Dawson on June 2, 2009
  • Let’s be careful out there – The world is watching…Social Media Etiquette

    I’ve been concerned about this for a while – and recently I guess certain elements and the stars aligning made me realise that in fact we all must be careful about what we do in the fast moving social media space. We’ve all read and heard stories of potential employers checking out peoples Facebook to see what they get up to in their private ...
    Posted to Diary Of A Madman (Weblog) by Derek.Dunlop on March 26, 2009
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